Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Temecula, CA – Some of us are old enough to remember having ‘the talk’. Not the talk from an employer
who says the company is stable the day before they lay you off. Not the talk you have when the vet says Fluffy needs an operation at Christmastime. Not even the talk when you ask why you can’t sit down and ‘they’ can. No, this is the talk we all hope to never have. This is the talk when you know the other person really doesn’t like you, they like someone else more, themselves.

With the No Indictment from Ferguson, folks around the world can now see America for what it really is, because the clothes just fell off the Statue of Liberty. Like a Greek statue of a wood nymph, America stands again in the spotlight; alongside Bill Cosby, the non-comic Christmas gift that every day, just keeps on giving. 

With women of color now joining the leagues of victims I doubt even a fly would want to be on the ceiling in the Cosby household. A song from Killradio comes to mind called, Do You Know (What they Say About You When You Leave The Room?) “Never thought twice about holding your tongue,” runs one line in the song. Now that line resonates through both sceanarios.

The robes of Liberty have fallen off and the smooth, cold, soulless statue allowed not even the clothing of animal hairs. Fully nude and shaven, clearly holding scales that are off- balanced, we see Justice isn’t just sighted, it’s also favored unjustly, and that’s just the way it is, ugly to the bone. Now all the Indians, east and west, Pakistanis, Eskimos, Mexicans, Ski Lankans, actually, the whole world, all know where America stands. As the rapper in the moving vid made last night says, “You Got Me” after the jump.

Now when America speaks to China, Putin, or the ISIS leadership, like the comedian’s punch line paraphrased, they can holler back, “Yeah America, but you got Ferguson.” 

Is America the people

or the system?

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