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Temecula, CA – ‘For every action, there is an opposite reaction’. We all learned this watching the Disney Show science lessons and in school. Put a more abstract way, we call it ‘cause and effect’. With both scenarios we are familiar, but the scenario in the middle most of don’t think about. In a country filled with GMO foods and Monsanto-owned elitists/eugenics politicians who buy into Agenda 21 as a way to a ‘better world’, if you believe that way, stop reading NOW.

For the 98% of the country that still believes ‘democracy’ rather than an oligarchy exists, that letters to the FDA, EPA, DEA, and anyone else means a diddily who works off your dime, 6 cents of which goes to some of the above locations, take heart. The people in these agencies, just like those of us in the competing 2% [1+1], are starting to see the fruits of Monsanto’s labor, if they look. 

Fortunately for Temecula Calendar readers, we looked. And look you have to for this is America, where you are free to discover what’s happening. For that is the epitome of Capitalism, “Let the buyer beware.”

Many are aware of the ills caused by the introduction of GMO foods into the mainstream in the 90s, but when you seek to destroy a species, and dwindle a whole race, you get more than just sickness and weakness. You get what Obama promised. You get change.

A while back, a friend asked me about gays and the Lord. Telling him that for me, we live in the New Testament times and Jesus, when asked, simply said, “Some men will not marry” attaching no judgment to homosexuality. Even elsewhere in the Bible where homosexuality is forbidden, there is never addressed where homosexuality starts from, or why it didn’t stop when the first gay couple of [fill in the blank] died. So if God allows it, whether or not I personally understand the reason, there IS a reason and it is God’s to know.

‘Being gay "is sort of like having certain eye color or skin color — it's just who you are," Dr. Chad Zawitz said. "Most heterosexuals I know didn't choose to be heterosexual. It's puzzling to me why people don't understand."’

If being ‘gay’ isn’t a learned behavior any more than a woman’s reproductive system shuts down when she’s raped, and its origins fall outside of the Bible, then science is there to pick up the loose ends of explanation. Specific causes of homosexuality are unknown. Some scientists think social, cultural, family and biological factors are involved, while some religious groups consider it an immoral or willful choice.

A large study of gay brothers adds to evidence that genes influence men's chances of being homosexual, but the results aren't strong enough to prove it.

Some scientists believe several genes might affect sexual orientation. Researchers who led the new study of nearly 800 gay brothers say their results bolster previous evidence pointing to genes on the X chromosome.
The new evidence "is not proof but it's a pretty good indication" that genes on the two chromosomes have some influence over sexual orientation, said Dr. Alan Sanders, the lead author. He studies behavioral genetics at NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute in Evanston, Illinois.

The work was published Monday by the journal Psychological Medicine. The National Institutes of Health paid for the research.

The researchers say they found potential links to male homosexuality in a portion of chromosome X and on chromosome 8, based on an analysis of genetic material in blood or saliva samples from participants.
Chromosome X is one of two human sex chromosomes; the other is chromosome Y, present only in men.
The study authors note that animal research suggests a gene located in one region of chromosome X may contribute to some sexual behavior; it's one of the same regions cited in the new study.’

Though there is no link made in this study, it is proposed that GMO foods which manipulate genes at the DNA level, are the cause behind a generational rise in rate to incidence ratio of homosexuality and bisexuality. It is also proposed that this knowledge is known to the scientists involved with GMOs, as a side consequence toward population sterilization demonstrated by either insect or animal studies, perhaps both. It may also be a safe bet that Mitt Romney’s old Monsanto notes from their actual GMO studies may have this as an asterisk. Like his taxes, we may never know.

Analysis – this news opinion was based off this study. For the ills of GMOs, just goggle ‘label GMOs’ or youtube it. You will not believe your eyes or ears. For people who like to read, order the excellent We’re Monsanto, by Brett Wilcox, Amazon. 

(Story source - Kelsey Servick)

There is a theorem that says, ‘God can use evil for good’. Is it possible that God is allowing Monsanto’s plan for the replenishment of the souls lost to religious violence and intolerance? After all, it looks like most of the crimes and wars through history committed were done by heterosexuals. Like Mitt’s taxes, this too we may never know.

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