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Temecula, CA – Today, the great exalted White Man* made one more attempt to make the world over in OK has its origins in early 19th Century Boston. The ‘expert’ who claims this is dead, so he can’t be debated. How convenient. Though the article does mention other, much older origins, the first one is, of course, from black origins.
His image. Today on the HuffPost it reports a new article published in Smithsonian magazine maintains that

Other headlines boost a new eco friendly pact with China where China gives up nothing and gets a big kiss on the rear from Barry wearing shade #13 from Revlon. The unheralded good news? China is embarking on a different trade deal than TPP, saving the American Sheeple, I mean people a grand sellout Benedict Arnold would have bowed to in admiration. In one day, after doing a single right and standing up for net neutrality, brown Barry wipes away all his brownie points. He has to be second to Nixon.

Have my readers been paying attention? We had the Russian people being saved from ingesting GMO American food by the American government sanctions and now the American people being saved by the Chinese government. Also the latest study from Texas where they used low IQ people against higher IQ folks, gave the or picked out the low IQs because they were pot heads, and then said pot, in effect, caused these people to be stupid through ‘pot-induced’ habits.

Meanwhile the Governor of Ferguson and the rest of the state has said he will tolerate no disorder or black folks will suffer the same fate as did the Indians that once there who also called it ‘home’. The blacks, all stiff-necked like Jews but having nothing else, look to make a bloody headline sometime soon. And the world spins on for most, but not all.

A hip hop tour starts today and my favorite bunch of patients to party with, the 420Nurses, are invited to be VIP at this year's Hotbox Holidaze tour with Johnny Richter and Potluck. Those that wish to come to the show and network will receive VIP access plus 1 guest.
Official Chapters will receive a “Potluck/Johnny Richter HotBox Holidaze Tour Prize Pack” to promote and run a contest to give away the prize pack to whomever they want. The prize pack will include 2 Concert Tickets, 2 CD’s, and a tour shirt.

The tour dates have been listed below (more will be added )

11/12 - Idaho Falls, ID - The Sick House
11/13 - Greely, CO - The Moxi Theatre
11/14 - Denver, CO - The Roxy
11/15 - Colorado Springs, CO - Peak31 (Union Station)
11/16 - Omaha, NE - The Hideout (18+)
11/18 - Oklahoma City, OK - Voodoo Lounge (21+)
11/19 - Kokomo, IN - Centerstage Bar and Grill
11/20 - St. Paul, MN – Wild Tymes (18+)
11/21 - Kansas City, MO - Czar Bar (21+)
11/23 - Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre
11/25 - Joliet, IL - Mojoes
11/28 - Manchester, NH - Jewel Night Club
11/29 - Providence, RI - Simons 677
11/30 - Rochester, NY - Spacebar
12/3 - Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy's
12/4 - Orlando, FL - Back Booth
12/5 - Jacksonville, FL - Underbelly
12/8 - Dallas, TX - The Green Elephant
12/9 - Amarillo, TX - The Wreck Room
12/10 - Albuquerque, NM - Shooters Billiards And Bar
12/12 - Mesa, AZ - Big Fish Theater
12/13 - Golden Valley, AZ - Castle Rock Events Center
12/14 - Las Vegas, NV - LVCS (21+)
12/16 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst (Atrium)
12/17 - Sacramento, CA - The Boardwalk
12/18 - Albany, OR - The Fairmont Grange
12/19 - Portland, OR - TBA
12/20 - Seattle, WA - TBA
12/21 - Spokane, WA - The Hop


Life doesn’t suck for all on hump day, does it? Ciao!

(*- not people who happen to be white; we all got to be some color and character is equal.)

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