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Temecula, CA – The old saying is, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’ That is a truth also
for this magical valley. Long before the Matt Rahn generation graduated from college and even before the Mall, the music scene was being helmed by the man who pushed the scene into being, Bill Gould, publisher of the Temecula Calendar, among others and one-half of the Americana/folk music duo, Keenwild.

Long-time readers like James Bryant [non-Cali resident] will recall the long rich history chronicled of Full Value Entertainment in the days before the Temecula Calendar. It was in those days that Bill first met his wife, Jeney Kingsbury, and together they formed the group named after a stand of trees located in Idyllwild. Those days also yielded the chart-topping hit [#2, downloads] ‘Mr. Pete’, the pot reference used later in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, soon to be available also in audio [details TBA]. The song was a hit in Australia. The very first band shirts were designed and produced by moi, with the two music notes used for the dot above the ‘i’ joined by the bar, a sign of things to come. I never asked if they ever caught that inside joke. I’m just like that.

Now the duo is set to release their latest EP, Sunsets, and a song from the upcoming EP turned into a video has been awarded ‘Viewer’s Choice’ by the Temecula Valley Music Awards, a first time event set for this Sunday, and yeah, I’ll be there [Lord willing and the creek don’t rise]. Details after the jump.

The TVMA program appears to be an amalgamation of the local entertainment scene development, as this reviewer recollects. Showcasing and providing a platform to perform is again a ‘tip o’ the hat’ to Full Value but the prize money payout to the local schools reminds one of the SW themed Band Wars series The Vault perpetuated over the years. Since Ivan Promotions has moved on with the Cosplay craze, it is good to see the vacuum filled to the tune of ever-shrinking school music department budgets.

One other aspect to the TVMAs is the broadcast of the show out over internet radio via one of the For Hire networks in LA similar to DJ Catter’s venture with GVB, albeit a somewhat different market demo.

Join all the players and singers of song this Sunday for the TVMA show and now the winning video, ‘Seventeen’ – Keenwild

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