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Temecula, CA – The saying, ‘age is just a number’ is partly true because it isn’t the number that marks you as 'old', but also your demeanor toward current events. In an effort to advance the readers in my generation
Tommy Chong, l., with 420Nurse Lakota Wolf
the Calendar presents three short vids after the jump.

You know, it was never my intention to use Memoirs of Mr. Pete as an inducement tool to promote pot use. 

Cannabis as a plant probably isn’t completely understood by anyone on the planet considering it is a gift from God. For that reason, the first chapter in Memoirs explains the best way to first smoke, and that is with friends and some background music. Smoking weed the first time is an occasion. Memoirs was written to show how cannabis affects your life in a direction, which for me made it like Forrest Gump, special.

After the jump we get to see the candid appearances of three women, all grandmothers and not, repeat, not medical marijuana patients, and one older gentleman, the type you might find in any well maintained senior community. They all have one thing in common. They have all now met Mary Jane Green and life for them will never be the same. I know, I wrote a book about that principle. 

The before video

The after video

Not every old person is a "I'm ready to party" individual. In the senior voting demo, just like all voting demos, there are 'stoners' and then there are patients. These are two separate market demos.

The following video is from a grandfather, I presume given the age, and his first time smoking weed was a bit different from the girls just viewed. But then, girls just want to have fun, don't they?

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