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Temecula, CA – Time to move on to the next story, BUT before we do, we take one last look at the most stiff-necked non-Jew around, Bill Cosby, Jr. With a new book coming out, loads of Cosby Show reruns still playing, winning different awards and prizes year after year,
now it all crashes and burns like the Hindenburg in ’37 with the Cosby lawyer reply that Bill, “will not dignify "decade-old, discredited" claims of sexual abuse with a response. As we all know, silence means consent.

We could hope that Cosby is from that generation who looked at women as trophies, to be won or stolen, but never to be humanized as a sister, a child, or a person. Never loved but stolen. But we held the same hope for all the racist folks in the country, that the racism would die out as the older generation dies off. Let’s ask the folks in Ferguson how that’s working out for them, seeing an uninjured police office fresh from shooting down an unarmed teenager in released stills with no apparent bruises.

Don’t worry, Mr. Cosby, you could never dignify what you are alleged to have done, testified to by at least 13 other women, with any remake. These women weren’t the ones you slut-puppied around with either, so really there is no telling how many women did sleep with the Famous Bill Cosby, Mr. Coca-Cola, Jell-O pudding, and Hey, Hey, Hey, here comes Fat Albert with a message for you, [if you’re a female]. No answer to the demands for personal responsibility like you direct at less fortunate fellow African-Americans, Mr. Pot Caller?

Since it’s a Sunday, some of you may be asking, why is God allowing this poor rich black man to be drug through the gutter in total humiliation? The Bible and Jesus both say that God hates a hypocrite. As we, a country that spotlights how women are brutalized in places like India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, have the tendency is to talk up about gender issues there and play down the moronic statements still believed like gospel among the ruling parties and college presidents, people who should be educated past that point but aren’t, here, it seems.

For the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ teaching moment from God/Divine Intervention to come at this point in Cosby’s life, 77, shows you ‘no one gets out alive’ as has been quipped. All those proud generations of Cosbys down through the centuries, all striving to push the collective family line farther into the light of equity, only to show the very same wiener streak as other blessed privileged people. In one generation, being proud and seedy, you have undone your family tree’s legacy of respect. Sour Jell-O indeed.

Some people have tried to compare another Bill to this Bill, Cosby versus Clinton. Same initials but that’s where things end. Slick Willy earned his rep the old-fashioned way, by being a smooth, charismatic cheater, the kind we all give a wink-wink, nod-nod to. Once these daring young men were in fashion; like James, James Bond, or Hugh Hefner, people we all fantasized about. Clinton also got some fantasy points for his use of a cigar [phallic device] on a young doe-eyed intern. No one fantasizes about plundering a breathing corpse without necrophilia desires, and that’s just creepy.

None of us is perfect and all have sinned, but not all sinners sin on the same level. Say hello to the studs on your wing of the Has-Been Hotel: Woody Allen, Cee Lo Green, Stephen Collins, and Fatty Arbuckle.

Have a coke and a smile!!

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