Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Temecula, CA – The local election results were a mixed bag with the only good news outside of calling correctly on some measures, being the addition of Matt Rahn, 39, to the sitting city council of Temecula. With youth, advanced degrees, and the experience from the Liberty Quarry fight under his belt, along with the growing hip youth demo edging the ‘okie-doaks’ toward a wine-sipping retirement, perhaps Temecula will get synchronized traffic signals, finally sink Dumbo’s Water Park in the face of California’s drought, and finish the bike trail route so families can ride together around town. Not everyone lives in South Temecula or rides a horse.

As foretold, the pointless gesture of resigning but leaving your name on the ballot to be reelected seems a typical trick for someone who works Orange County to do to the rubes of Riverside. For a mayor who believes in Agenda 21 and has gone on record saying so, I would expect nothing less. Aside from Mitt Romney, only crackerjack whiz kids work for Monsanto’s planned future of eugenics, a philosophy handed down from Plato. I guess my question is, how do you exonerate yourself from failing field sobriety checks? Say the officers were incompetent in their duty? Or just let the dust settle? Time will tell.

There was also a little payback, a nut-sack snap to one of the names on the list of ‘Nays’ over the grassroots label GMO. Like the old-timer in the Warner Bros. Westerns who pulls out his Sharps buffalo gun and brings down the stuntman who falls into the dirt camera angle coming towards the viewer – I Got One. 

And no, I won’t say which name on the list didn’t move on up the political food chain, though I will say the person carried RC in the battle for the state job but lost overall in votes. I figure my ‘No’ vote helped in spirit since the candidate didn’t lose by one vote. Voting is like a gift, it’s the thought that counts. 

As the story title says, Jeff Stone won his category for State Senator so our local Monty Burns Ewing [seemingly having the luck of someone with Beelzebub as his One o’clock] Stone moves up the food chain. 

This could be ultimately good news as all our pharmacist wants is his share of the Mary Jane action and maybe market his own Jeff Stone Medicated Cigarillos, and we all know that Soros is such a rich, likable fellow. Could be a match made in hell.

We will have to see just where this puts the Supervisors on their proposed outdoor medical grow ban. On to the next battle, hwwah, giddy up!!  


  1. Alan Long is not from Orange county PT, he grew up here. Check your facts.

    1. You're right. I didn't mean to imply he was from OC, only that he worked there. Thank you.