Monday, November 3, 2014



Temecula, CA – Local artist and long time friend Vincent Alexander Chiofalo, better known as Nice Day Vince from the Java Joz days of local underground entertainment, has released his very first work for public consumption. As an artist in the past, his limited release CD demos quickly were scrafed up by fans of the avant-garde artist with Murrieta roots. The 4-song EP went live on this past Halloween [Oct. 31] under the solo artist name Alex Monk. 

Though Vince performed in Nice Day, the 3-piece band he founded wound up opening for Foghat, receiving solid critical acclaim for their performance. Now, as a solo performer, dropping a ‘commercial’ aka for general consumption CD shows growth and polish. This freshman release, entitled Green Lights, is a coming of age portrait into the soul of an artist who never fails to delight through sung poetry. 

The four track EP opens with 'Bloody Maury', a coffee shop friendly bounce that washes down well with a Starbucks grande espresso. The simple hook repeated over the happy tap your feet, nod your head melody has that college radio sound with the ‘fresh’ of the Vince we know as an artist.

Track two’s 'So Painful' darkens things up ala 80s dance beat set to dark/Goth style lyrics made for those off their medication. Might as well enjoy the pain, right, and enjoy it to music.

'Better Daze' is a thoughtful rendition that calls to mind past reflection as a man stops to access his mark on the world up to his current point, all the while pointing to tomorrow as perhaps ‘better daze’ calling to mind a whimsical aspect to life.

Track four’s ‘The Road To Nowhere’ looks back at the early life images left by living in Murrieta long before the population ever thought about breaking the century K in folks here. The song tells of a time in Murrieta before the underground music scene opened the towns to music other than country-western.

Now these times can be re-glimpsed in the artful soul of Alex Monk’s self-produced, Green Lights, available for download or vinyl.

Be listening to 94.5 KMYT Sunday Night Music Meeting at 8PM THIS SUNDAY for Dwight Arnold’s premiere airing of Bloody Maury on the show.  For further details, go to Alex’s FB

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