Saturday, November 22, 2014



Temecula, CA – “It could only happen where you live,” was the reply when I shared the latest story tidbits of a scoop, a planned exclusive ‘inview’, the combination of an interview and a review. This is a story that I have nurtured and followed for over two years. Recently the trail got hot, hence the real-life comment from Randy*, aka ‘Winston’ in Memoirs of Mr. Pete two days ago.

My friend is certainly correct as he still lives in Iowa, and going to the famous LA Auto Show is one of those ‘it could only happen because of where you live’ items. Long on my bucket list of things to experience living out here, the auto show in Los Angeles has a history going back longer than Maserati has been in business**.

Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show), is one of the most influential and best-attended auto shows globally and spans more than 870,000 square feet. In delivering worldwide media exposure, global industry networking and showcasing experimental concept cars...

in the nation’s largest car buying market, the Show’s trade days/Press Days draw more than 12,000 auto industry decision makers and talking heads/enthusiasts, including 4,000 media from more than 50 countries. The Show opened its doors to the public on Friday and expects to host close to a million automobile fans, customers and gear heads over the course of ten exciting days, closing down on November 31.

The free Show Guide lists all the info and maps you will need to enjoy the exhibits  and surrounding area known as South Park. Closer still is The Staples Center and the hotel complex featuring the Ritz-Carlton, a tall ‘coffin shaped’ skyscraper with neon running up the building sides. At ground level amongst the hip restaurants and even a bowling alley called the Lucky Strike, people strolled as others attended an Usher concert unaware of the automobile extravaganza generating a driveway, instead of a runway, buzz. Let’s see some of the contenders.

A Chevy that doesn't have lights, doesn't need lights.

The multicolored Benz, left rear, was hand-painted as an art project. You could feel the paint texture.

The new logo this year adds an imaginative twist to the classic LA letter form [logo font]and is a visual representation of the changes that were being fine-tuned for the last several years. The new logo reflects the show’s own modernization while holding true to the art deco style and attitude that makes LA the car culture capital of the world, a hotbed of design, a burgeoning tech epicenter, a global trendsetter and the preferred home of the rich, the famous, and the next big thing???

( *- This reference for Cornell, cook/delivery driver Pacinos Pizza, Albertsons Center, Winchester Rd, who wondered if parts of Memoirs were fictionalized .**- 100 years, 1914-2014, and a tip ‘o the hat to the lovely model, one of the many knowledgeable there, who provided that information – Ed)


  1. How does this relate to Temecula?

  2. It relates because it is two hours away, it is a world famous event, who doesn't like cars, it happens at an opportune time, can be a great family or Dad/Son time, geek time, or date time. Also not all my readers live in Temecula. I hope that answers your question. Also if there is a subject you would like to me hit, drop a suggestion in the comment box.