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Temecula, CA – Years ago, I stated the goal of writing this slant to the current news happenings was to develop a group/mindset apart from the rest of humanity on the stage of life. The simple reason of motivation is the cartoony 5000lbs trapezoid weight hanging over the collective group by a thread.

Having reached this goal, we are going to now look back at those still under the weight, and examine the teaching moments they are missing. We are going to look past their questions and think instead about the answers they seek. Presented now, are the teaching moments of Ferguson and Bill Cosby, 77.

The first question concerning both situations is ‘why now?’ the answer to that is what some Christians call the pre-tribulation. This is the little wind that blows in just before the storm really hits. It hits your cheek lightly and you think, that doesn’t feel so bad. Tsunami-wise, this is when the water reveals the fish. In the days of Noah, “Is that a cloud? What’s a cloud?” 

This is the time of Divine Intervention. These judgments are to reveal what is coming.

Let’s first look at Ferguson. The problems of Ferguson didn’t happen just yesterday, just as racism isn’t localized to Missouri. So why now? To illustrate the government militarization and abusive power to free press, as we spread ‘democracy’ around the world. Ferguson represents not just that city or that state, but the whole country, in scale. With radical groups like ISIS, this type of hype you just can’t buy. American Freedom is driving the disadvantaged youth into the ranks without the coin’s flip side of providing the reason their relatives come here in the first place – the words of the Founding Fathers and what they have come to mean now.

But on a lower level, you have race and questionable behavior. Rednecks will tout Mike Brown and blacks will tout Wilson’s questionable police background before Ferguson. Beside the questionable character is the race issue. Blacks and fair whites are aligned against racist whites. The blacks are together because Mike Brown wasn’t an isolated case. Every black in Ferguson knows they’re a nigger. Tonight’s No-Indictment just proves my point.

The other situation is the ongoing snowball meltdown of beloved comedian Bill Cosby. Along with about 17 allegations of molestation, date rape, and felony sexual aggression, Cosby’s male handler from the NBC production team has come forward with carbon copies of money order payments to women over the years from Bill Cosby. As one commentator put it, “Fork time. Cosby is done!”

Even so, many black men side with Cosby against the women, many of whom were white, until the last two who were women of color. Now you have racist/chauvinist men and racist women versus women and some men who believe the women. In both cases you have people who believe the lie and those who believe the truth. The teachable moment is, will those who believe the lie in each case see each other as mirrors of self? Will the blacks who believe Bill Cosby is innocent look at those who brought ‘No Indictment’ against Officer Unfriendly as themselves in whiteface? Why?

Because at the bottom of the heap is the situation of control for one’s own benefit, profit, or desires. Strom Thurmond didn’t surprise anyone by snagging some black puddy as a white racist. It was the fact that he bagged a black teenager in his employ. Essie Mae’s mom was 16. Verdict – No Game

Bill Cosby grew up in the day of proud self-made black men. He also grew up in the day when, right or wrong, in the movies, a woman was made to submit to a man. It was called seduction or sweeping a girl off her feet. To some men, those with no game or those whose affections wouldn’t be returned romantically, the cash/presents method in conjunction with the out-of-town trip was the closer. If the [intended] woman took the shopping presents, ate the lobster din-din, AND was out of town ‘on business’, it was prom night and expected that the woman would put out. This is the main reason some women disclaim their sisters.

Finally, at the bottom of the barrel you have the caveman. This is the guy who is one step lower than the ‘Ass, Grass, or Cash, No one rides for free’ guy. The bottom rung is reached by two women; those who are naiveté and those who are ballsy. A number of men, having put out that much, might just get mad, and the girl wins. That’s a rich guy. 

A person of power who goes through the seduction game, then gets turned down might resort to forcible rape. But the person who brings his own drugs to the party is someone on the prowl. Somewhere down the line, the famed Cosby moral compass lost its bearing. 

Years went by until the sins reached a judgment, and Bill Cosby lost his son; not to a drug overdose, not to a bar fight, not to a movie stunt, not even to an auto accident on the 405. It was a judgment in 1997. It seems now the Cosby didn’t see the error of his ways or the reason to repent and cancer struck his wife, Camille. Now in his 77th year, instead of enjoying life with his ailing wife, he sought the spotlight once too often. Divine Intervention put the shame on him. Verdict – No Game, No Fame.

Bill Cosby got his comeuppance at 77. Seven is reported to be God’s number in several different books. That’s God twice. Guess the Merry-Go-Round has stopped for Fat Albert.

Meanwhile, will the God of the Klan prevail against the God of the Jews? If the blacks retreated to their houses and released their anguish to God as stated in the Old Testament or prayed with the conviction of the Mormons on the Day of the Locusts, what would happen? Missouri? Praying for judgment?! I smell a bestseller or a tornado. Verdict – No Game, No Shame.

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