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Temecula, CA –In Hollywood the old saying is it's not what you know, it’s who you blow. In Murrieta, being close to Hollywood, the saying is, ‘It’s who you know, not what you blow.’

Mayor Alan Long, re-elected after resigning from office long enough to get the label of ‘former’ in the [in the ‘if it bleeds’] press, has the leading man looks, there is no denying that. Being a fireman means hero instead of bully, and a government ‘double-dipper’ shows a shrewd Christian in a place with a church on every corner. There’s a reason Murrieta is the state’s No.2 safest city. Being a registered member Mayor with Sustainable Living aka Agenda 21, the same people who stood with him at the border vote at the polls. The mayor’s re-election bothers those who don’t see the real world. Didn’t you ever hear, Life’s not fair

But firefighters are different. They are a breed apart, like farmers. The story surrounding the case portrayed illustrates some interesting conflicts.

Melissa Reynolds was one of the four cheerleaders, ages 14 to 17, injured.

Her grandmother, Rozette Dewart, says the 16-year-old is now spending most of her days in a hospital bed at the family’s home.

“She’s suffering bad. Very bad. Traumatically suffering,” Dewart said. “She can barely walk. She needs help.”

Chloe and Camille Rogers’ mother says her daughters have not been back to school either, and their recovery has been slow and painful.

“They’re still in pain, and they too are experiencing night terrors and reliving the situation,” Cathy Rogers said.

The District Attorney’s Office has filed a DUI charge against Long, whose blood alcohol level was .08 at the scene.

The lawyer for the teens’ families claimed Monday the then-mayor was not only under the influence but deliberately waited to call 911.

“He did not call 911 immediately after causing this horrendous crash. Instead, he delayed and tried to deflect any involvement of authorities,” the attorney said.

“I’m very disappointed in the results (of Murrieta's election). And I think that as the facts come out, a lot of voters will probably wish that they had made other decisions,” Rogers added.

Long’s attorney is not commenting on the lawsuit.

The family says Long has not reached out to them to apologize at press time.

Folks, Hitler didn’t rule Germany in a vacuum. As can be seen in Ferguson, innocence is in the eye of the beholder, not Justice. Justice rules with a gun, see Alienation, Assimilation, Assassination coming soon.

It was 1962, December. Male High had a month-long safety campaign going. No student was to receive any citation, moving violation, or accident for 30 Days, possibly for some national contest.

To keep the lid on Fonzie and gang wannabes in 1963 was even tougher times two because the high school I went to then had racial curiosity, since school integration hadn’t morphed into forced busing and black power, motives I believe deliberately invented to prevent what Martin Luther King, Jr. tried to do and for killed for.

At any rate, both groups of rambunctious kids, white and black, toed the line, almost.

Hours before the deadline was up, I funeral director’s son had a fender bender. It’s too long along to remember whether there was alcohol involved but there probably was. As it turned out, the accident was officially filed and logged the day after the wreck happened. How could a well-connected white high school kid get the police department and the press of the Courier-Journal to fudge the indiscretion?

People, just like families, are color-blind to their blind spot. As far as a firefighter delaying help for fallen teens, did I mention that firefighters are a breed apart? I know, I knew one once, but his story lies on the cutting room floor of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green.

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