Saturday, December 6, 2014



Temecula, CA – Just in time for the Noggy Season comes this latest entertainment geared at those still in the early prime of their lives, those looking to gain some velocity outside of stomping grapes and smoking stogies.

Starting this Sunday, my youngest son’s B-Day and our first Pearl Harbor for those older vets, Lienzo Charro Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill in Old Town will be having the Grand Opening of Velocity, Old Town’s latest hip and trendy for those hip and trendy.

Hosted by Anita Rose, doors are 9PM rolling out when the day diners roll up will be Hot DJs, the latest tunes, pleasant company, and time to socialize before the showtime start at 10:30 with Special Queens. Grand Opening music is to be spun by Mark DJ Mas Sandoval on deck pumping out the beats and just a 5$ cover for a party scheduled from 9 to 2, and then it’s you.

The rope-happy logo to look for, for those who like that sort of thing, right after the jump. 

At night this is the sign to look for:

The lively restaurant and dance venue can be spotted easily during the Noggy Season.

So to all those looking to party Grand Opening style, 

Happy Birthday Jaryn, Pops

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