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Temecula, CA – As promised, the Calendar has the up-to-now down-low on the coming Temecula radio station.

Probably a number of people are wondering where the station will be located, hiring practices, type of station, hours of operation, etc.

First on the type of station. The syndicate that owns the international distribution rights is always on the lookout for the next hot craze. They are a start-up group and seed new areas to test market the ‘next’ big thing. Temecula was chosen because the market is upscale and though outwardly conservative with strong Christian values, a lively underground music scene flourished producing both an eclectic mix of local artists and touring band van stops. 

Unlike American radio music stations which segregate themselves into genres or audiences like ‘urban’ aka black, this French consortium seeks to reinvent the wheel of radio airplay, which like a sour note is flat, commercially. This radio experiment is set for an initial 3 month test cycle. If after 90 days a viable audience hasn’t grown in this market, the test is over and the music stops. 

So as to be an independent trial devoid from outside competition, such as AM/FM genre stations, the new radio station will be completely internet broadcast and not under the FCC rules of censorship. The station will be all music, jingles, a little weather, and ads from the host network except for two minutes an hour for local sponsorship. At present, ad spots are closed to any additional clients beyond the initial sponsor offerings. 

Since the radio station is internet, physical locations such as a studio, office, staff, etc. aren’t needed or required during this test period. All programming of playlists and tracks selected are to be done by a local consultant and scene historian. Monthly ratings are done by the parent syndicate and they determine the station’s appeal and outcome. 

The music to be played will be mostly unsigned artists with a limited mix of live commercial artists also to be an eclectic mix ranging from J. Geils and Bob Seger to Ani DeFranco and Stevie Ray Vaughan. The live mix of non-underground music is meant to attract listeners outside of the status quo old school demo. “We want the cool ‘old schoolers,” replied the programmer, “because we feel they will best fit with the younger market share.”

The station start-up will have a limited number of listening posts on the internet to launch but extra listening posts will be made available after the 3 month test period or if demand exceeds expectations. As with any test market project, the outcome is up to the intended market, and that is the Temecula/Murrieta/Lake Elsinore and surrounding area. Results will depend on the strength of the bands’ fan base, the quality of music selected, and of course, word of mouth.

Unlike any ‘pay-to-play’ this format is set in the opposite direction with a play to pay motif. Artists name and info will be available but the song files will not be downloadable. “This ain’t Napster, ain’t nobody napping around here,” an unnamed employee reported, not being authorized to speak on the subject. Licenses are covered to allow for peripheral music enjoyment.

Noticing what time it was and that the interview was nearly done, I had time for one last question.
“So, this being the future, are we talking old school radio talking DJs interviewing artists or is this Radio Redbox®?”

“Top women are working on that decision regarding which format to première with. I can say this, free station apps for iOS and Android will be available to carry our 128K live to your ear streaming enjoyment at rollout. Thank you.”

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