Thursday, December 18, 2014



Temecula, CA – Fresh from breaking the story about the new Club Velocity and sandwiched between Club Cosplay’s Nerds In The New Year comes this breaking music story. Temecula is about to get a new radio station.
As my street mole sat gasping for his breath with the news, at first I was only able to ask him questions and get head signals. After he finished but before he could give me the real skinny, he showed me the picture on the right. He said that was all he could squirrel away before he was chased by rough tatted-up security.

Is it an oldies station?  …No

Is it rock?  …No

Is it smooth jazz?  …No

Is it AOR, country, hipster, talk?  …No

He motioned and I leaned in closer. He whispered, grabbing my shirt front to pull me close.

“It’s us.”

That’s right, Sports Fans. Early in the New Year your ears will be treated to some old, some new, a little bit borrowed, but mostly you, Temecula and Murrieta. Finally a station that plays what you, my local Calendar Readers, listened to, not your mom or Grandpa.

If you couldn’t or weren’t allowed to visit the hot throbbing music scene when it cooked at Madlins, thrilled at the French Valley Theater, absolutely percolated at Java Joz, exposed new artists at Temecula’ FVE Music Fests, and vibrated the valley when Black Market Brewery was really ‘black market’ and The Vault was born, died, and rose again like someone else most people know about in this valley, even those tone deaf, you are about to get to hear what you missed and what you heard you missed. Some of these shows were legendary, like Limbeck and Steel Train and Jeffree Star.

Return to the glory days of Inverse, War Stories, Shawn Mafia, Burke [the artist that blew the mud out the ears of the hicks racing tractors, good times!] along with Strike Twelve, Lee Koch, Monkeys In Space, SongHammer, Bipsy, Magnolia, Terraplane Sun, Human Revolution, and the legendary Spoonbills, the bar band featured in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, now on sale for the holidaze, Amazon.

Hear mixed in with all the local sounds that still spring forth, ‘basement tapes’ featuring early recordings from such artists as Vince of Nice Day Vince before Nice Day, early Meg & Dia, Neon Trees, D.O.R.K. Afroman, Elina, Sam Larsen and 15North, Bobby Breakdown, Skyler Day, and Souljourners, among others.

Hear explosive sounds you may have missed like Uh Oh! Explosion, The Shakeups, Killradio, Your Little Ponies, Pot Luck, Hugo, and the song that started the scene, Down Inside’s Fat Bitches, played acoustically once to my knowledge, to a SRO crowd at Java Joz.

Shake your booty to ska sounds like The b-Sharps, relive your teen angst with My Last Revolution, and remember your punk times with Ryan Mudd, both with The Stuff and Tora! Tora! Tora! And your Christian visions will get rekindled by early and late Blood Type G.

Keep it here as we continue to give you backstage access as only the Calendar can!

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