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Temecula, CA – It seems that Santa’s Elves can’t be everywhere this holiday season and so, a certain segment of the public has been put to use instead. And true to the existence of Scrooge, instances of generosity are meant to illustrate how we should be all year long.

For the special task of giving away $60,000 on Black Friday rather than grabbing it to start the Christmas
Season, a unique band of volunteers was needed, and found. The Amazonian group who took up the cup have seduced Darth Vader and shown him the light. Are they female Bill Cosbys*?

The following story and pictures show the natural flow in the season when no ‘fees’ are set by authoritarian rules like existed in the days of Robin Hood’s Sheriff of Nottingham, the fee collector then, and now our Jeff Stone, the winner from this level who moves on as THE sheriff of Nuggingham. Nothing ever pissed off the old sheriff more than an act of generosity from assets that he had deemed a piece of.

Herein is the story of giving away $60,000 dollars worth of processed condensed cannabis, what is commonly called ‘dabbing’ shatter. The people, rather than the state, got the benefit from the maker who produced it for fellow patients, not to fund some bureaucrat’s new staff. The Xmas elves that assisted were those with the cutest ass ets, the 420Nurses, of course.

By showing up to Grateful Meds, located at 547 Seaton St., Los Angeles, at 10 AM medical marijuana patients could receive a free gram of Nug Run shatter by Vader Extracts. This includes varieties such as Paris OG, F’n Ridiculous, Blue Dream, and Godfather OG that are regularly priced at 60 dollars a gram.

420Nurse Stoner Vixen selfie

The line grew long and the first 200 people also received a free eighth of selected varieties of flower. As well, Grateful Meds offered their patients ounce specials all day, 7 grams of flower for $35, and free food for everyone. With deals like this, Grateful Meds sure knows how to get the people out of the store and into the dispensary.

To help giveaway 1000 free grams Grateful Meds and Vader Extracts needed some help. And who else is best to help dispense meds than a 420Nurse? Many of your favorites such as Summer Rain, Purple Haze, Cha Cha VaVoom [pictured above with the 'new' Darth] and The Stoner Vixen, flyer, handed out 1000 grams of Vader Extracts.

(Story source - Abbysis; *- Enhanced sex and marijuana are dealt with early on in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green - Ed)

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