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Temecula, CA – Another year draws down and the world seems a little crazier. While Washington warms up to Cuba, keeps up ethnic cleansing in an effort to poison Putin’s breadbasket, the Ukraine, with Big Ag’s GMO crops while force feeding Russian youth all the Afghan ‘boy’ [heroin] from the world’s most inbred pedophilic culture [see The Kite Runner], Hollywood manages to step on Kim’s last nerve, upsetting the boy-man leader. Not a smart move.

Speaking of upset, Cosby’s comeback, Ferguson, and Eric Gardner have all created the latest dust storm as the world grows grayer by the day. Meanwhile the local mall is packed as people again celebrate the commercial birthday of a man who was born, killed, and came back to life.

He also never wrote anything down to be sold by the moneychangers of future ages, a revelation unknown to those who say the love of money is evil while requiring tithes. Modern life is so perplexing and we are only two moons into our latest foretold tetrad. Luckily, some things never change and remain as anchors. Needing some stabilization, I called Dr. Nurse for some house call cheer.

We chatted about the upcoming battle for the legalization of cannabis and the mobilization of forces within the cannabis community as sellouts are revealed and those stoned on their own egos are outted. She prescribed a healthy dose of 420nurse direction to soothe those anxieties.

Then the subject switched to more pleasant things, like the 420Nurses and the next thing to happen concerning my book Memoirs of Mr. Pete. We reminisced about the past great year which saw both the spread of medical marijuana acceptance and membership into the movement known as the 420Nurses.

Capping a phenomenal year, the organization moved into their official headquarters, celebrating with a blowout extravaganza that drew professional tutor, Jessica Lux, the photographer who took the eye-catching art piece using Chacha and Summer at the UCC NORML fundraiser.

The event brought out a lively crowd and went on to about midnight as a great time was had by all who attended.

Dr. Nurse said the girls had decorated the tree, 

Hung the ornaments, and were patiently starting to wait for Santa. Children might have to go to bed and wake up for their gifts in the morning, but everyone knows Santa Claus is imaginary. As such, Santa can slip time so as to party with some big kids, you might say, this year given Mary Jane’s growing popularity.


Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the pad,
Everyone was searching
For the electronics they had.
Earbuds were hung on the chimney with care
In hopes Memoirs refutes bullshit from DARE.

The children nestled all snugly in bed
Knowing their seizures would soon be dead.
Outside in snow, men printed the word ‘pot’
While singing about cannabis, once cool, now hot.
A light shown down both far and near
Bringing words of truth so all could hear.

The Earth Mother smiled at what was at hand
This gift from God was being freed in the land.
Around the globe both far and wide
The stigma of pot was being laid to the side.
I heard Santa clabber amidst all the clatter,
“Forget them damn cookies, let’s have some shatter.”

“Those long times when the sun is hardly seen
Are made so much better with Mary Jane Green.”
And the reindeer sang as Santa pulled out of sight,
“Treat your ills naturally and have a Green night.
Awake tomorrow to the best day’s morn
When cannabis and hemp are free from scorn.”

It is the day told by Jack Herer himself,
Now validated by Mr. Pete, Santa, and Elf.
So puff, puff, and pass, those who are free
To light up and enjoy God’s gratuity.
It’s been long in coming but now it’s here
Cause it makes no difference, straight or queer.

People of all colors, ages, please to enjoy
This Blessing from God evil tried to destroy.
But time’s up for that bullshit DEA stuff.
Plug in, turn on, its 420 everywhere. Puff Tuff!


Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, in audio, drops Christmas Day Everywhere!

Merry Christmas From the 420Nurses, Mary Jane Green, Mr. Pete, and Family, 2014

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