Monday, January 5, 2015



Temecula, CA – It doesn’t take a phone call to my CPA to know that when you threaten a country with economic collapse, that is technically an act of war. Almost as lost on main street front pages is the US Federal Reserve’s act in concert with Big Oil and possibly George Soros to break the bank in Russia. The spin you read here in the states lays all the blame on Putin as those who would roast Obama racially last month are today singing his praises. Let’s look at the real deal, as we tend to do here.

The United States. We raise the debt ceiling every 6 months as a joke. The people here live on a false economy as they eat, drink, breath and plant 90% of crap owned by Big Money. The masses are kept ignorant and dumbed down by water fluoridated like what was given to Hitler’s Jews. Meanwhile, this country is number 1 in inflammation disorders and obesity, along with being number 1 for having the most people incarcerated, number 2 in police shootings – Go Mexico!!, and number 1 in pissing the world off as self-righteous bullies.

Russia. An older country by far, as western culture goes, also has a much longer history, its own language, and a shitload of gold backing its economy. But the world is a different place now, as Putin, rightfully so, feels the pinch on his backside from US-backed Ukraine, itself the latest pen on the map for US GMO giants who covet the rich Ukrainian breadbasket to poison. The mainstream press is singing about this being Putin’s last stand, but it was Obama who had the same dream as Nebuchadnezzar [Dreams of My Father, Daniel 2, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green]. And it is America where The Image is struck and brought down [Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, now also everywhere on audio book]

After the jump, a short film on why my money is on the Bear, not Goldilocks.

America, the Last Great Empire, just as foretold in Revelation. 

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