Sunday, January 18, 2015



Temecula, CA – As millions prepare today to watch the last four professional football teams battle for a NFL Super Bowl berth, hundreds, perhaps thousands of others will be preparing for another game of sorts; a game of costumes, fun, and gentile respect. These folks won’t spit into the wind, look under the mask of the old Lone Ranger, or tug on Superman’s cape. Why? Because they’re ‘nerd safe’ and the ones wearing a mask or cape. Yes, Sports Fans, Club Cosplay is back and this time T-town’s Prof X hits the red carpet of sorts by opening Club Cosplay in Los Angeles.

As I pen these words, the last of preparations are being nailed down as Ivan David McCosplay, aka Ivan Promotions, late of The Vault, gets things in order to open tonight in a new town, and in his biggest market to date. As scene historian and owner of both magical four word phrases [#1. “I’m with the band”], I was invited to roll with, but like with the Pied Piper, someone needed to stay behind to tell you what is happening.

So as is my responsibility, here is what I stayed behind to tell you about, in pictures.

Plus I’m a Sports Fan, Sports Fans.

First, like LA, this venue place is huge,

And swanky.

Now imagine yourself there tonight!

Arrive early for the free goodies, of course.

Can't get there early, then arrive fashionably late and you still could get lucky.

As usual there will be costumes and costume contests. Don't dress to impress, rather dress to express!

The lineup of entertainment is fabulous.

  The props are killer!

There is a Code of Honor,

And agents to enforce this code.

So in a town with plenty to do, this Sunday, Club Cosplay gets its first big down, Ivan Cosplay style!

Be there and be square, cause now, as Huey Lewis once said, it's hip!

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