Friday, January 16, 2015



Temecula, CA – In the first part of our two part series concerning Obama and the end times, we present the
latest views from two ‘experts’ on the subject. The first is former Richard Nixon White House lawyer, John Dean, who has a recent book release about the ex-president on the best seller lists, The Nixon Defense.

In this recent interview, we hear the inside scoop from someone on the inside who tells it the way it really is. The interview is conducted by Larry King, who looks revitalized from the last time I saw him on TV. Don’t be surprised if you didn’t get the memo about this bombshell interview. The media has been riding the Bill Cosby bandwagon as Vegas puts money of whether Mr. Bill will succumb to Mr. Hand and take Miss Daisy along.

The second part of this series that will appear tomorrow has to do with the Bible Code. For those who don’t know, this is a codex discovered in the 13th Century by monks but was so complex, it took the invention of the computer before it could be solved. As such, it was looked at as something meant for when it could be solved. We look at the latest in what is revealed, tomorrow.

After the jump, John Dean on torture, the intelligence community, Richard Nixon, 2016, and Obama in interview.
Now John Dean, interviewed by Larry King

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