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Temecula, CA – Two years ago plus, I crossed paths with a young woman at the tail end of the Christmas NORML meeting in Los Angeles. As I stood there announcing my just-released book, Memoirs, this young woman paid attention as her group huddled close to her like a Sunday School class. Speaking to the half-emptied room, I appreciated the attendance. The young woman was Chacha VaVoom, head nurse of the 420Nurses, owner of one of the most picture-perfect butts you will ever see.

Two weeks ago, Capt. Tuesday* and I were up in Upland at a cannabis Christmas celebration and as I hunkered down for some catch-up from some cause members, I was greeted as “Oh, there’s that 420Nurse guy.” It was said much the same as ‘Oh there’s that stoner guy’, except this was a cannabis gathering. The intonation inferred a prejudice found today against women, pretty women, in particular, but these pretty women are a group that I myself first wondered about. Now after two years of casing the joint and becoming my own best mole, the Calendar asks and answers, “Are the 420Nurses just cannabis Playboy bunnies?”

Short answer, “No, and not by a long shot.” In lieu of today’s Mail story about the dead Playboy Bunny and the Prince Andrew piece on MSN, the world is getting to see the people who enable the preying on young women by folks of privilege or fame. Having spent time inside the 420Nurses camp I can testify to the honor in the leadership and the hundreds, dare I say thousands, of women who offer the same opinion by putting forth their best efforts to blog their true feelings in honest words that touch your heart to read. Given, the Nurses are models of and for a brand, much like the Playboy Bunnies, and are bonded as sisters in a sorority like the Playboy Bunnies, it is here the comparison stops. There you had tiers of Bunny levels and junior levels, with stress placed on maintaining the perfect 36-24-36, the 420Nurses maintain a shared cannabis synergy through which exhibits the common causal factor named in the Sting song, ‘Synchronicity’. So what is synchronicity anyway?

" is impossible, with our present resources, to explain ESP, or the fact of meaningful coincidence, as a phenomenon of energy. This makes an end of the causal explanation as well, for "effect" cannot be understood as anything except a phenomenon of energy. Therefore it cannot be a question of cause and effect, but of a falling together in time, a kind of simultaneity. Because of this quality of simultaneity, I have picked on the term "synchronicity" to designate a hypothetical factor equal in rank to causality as a principle of explanation." From his essay, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Carl Jung

I propose the group’s magnetism for growth comes from a certain synchronicity found in this generation of female patient cannabis users. Synchronicity, like synesthesia are words for phenomena we used to put in the catch-all term 'magic'.

At first, this photo magic seems to simply amplify the sensual theme expressed in the modeled shot. Is it the model or the photographer that makes the shot? That might be the status quo question with a Bunny but with a 420Nurse the question is how much more a 420Nurse will promotes your product, not with her body but with her mind in artful expression through cannabis creativity.

Unlike a group of women organized to worship a man by a man, the 420Nurses have a woman who founded the group to strike a blow against prohibition for today's cannabis patients' rights figuratively,

And literally.

Discarding male narcissistic objectification, total inner and outer self-esteem of a 420Nurse is beautified.

Along with mental and physical agility,

A certain creative composure can be adapted,

Or imagined so...

Your product is highlighted instead of the cleavage,

Using skin as a contrast to, not a main attraction for, today's modern consumer product, hemp related or not.

420Nurses add that extra something, whether old school,

New school,

Cute school,

or art school,

To move a message or a message a movement,

A 420Nurse is a top shelf kitty to...

Even sell a tic tac.

Presenting the one, the only...

Not your grandfather's Playboy Bunny Club, by a long shot, or a bong shot. - Temecula Calendar

(*- Long time readers will remember the Capt from the Java Joz/Cuppys daze)

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