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Temecula, CA – Though it seems fitting as bookends to present this story next, regular readers may be wondering about the hiatus that began on January 18th. Well Sports Fans, I was signing a petition against GMO salmon online when the lights when out, nuff said. 

Though off the air, I wasn’t out of touch so in the next few days some stories will appear about my off-air adventures with The Baked and The Beautiful but first let’s pick up our story that we last left on ‘1st Down’. 

Club Cosplay showed a huge turnout of about a thousand happy Nerds in the New Year and press that was covered in the hipster LA BUZZ, the latest entry in a field once owned by LA WEEKLY [still worth a read]. OHM Niteclub housed the scene debut in the major market and the ‘buzz’ generated was to be used to fuel the fire for the House of Blues, San Diego, event just two weeks before the Long Beach Comic Con. But the underlying reason for planning this Cosplay event on St. Valentine’s Day for Ivan Promotions was admiration rather than super hero worship, an admiration that turned to love.

The music scene of this area was one big family that grew just as the various other local community groups did. One of the most interesting branches of this family has always been that of Ivan Promotions. Shortly before Ivan burst upon this scene as a force to be reckoned with, he had dated a young lady of Italian/Greek heritage. A year ago Ivan had poured out his ambitions, having evolved through the local scene promotions of various and sundry types, cough, Mr. Pete’s Breakfast Burrito Extravaganza.

On perhaps a moonless night a year ago [on St. Valentine’s Day] the dark-haired beauty friend and rediscovered romantic rekindling said like in the Fever Pitch scene between Ben and Lindsey, “Go forth and conquer, I believe in you.”

Now in the heart of San Diego amidst all the tall skyscrapers that bore witness, Ivan had realized his quest: to promote Club Cosplay at the House of Blues. After securing the venue Ivan had confided to me that he was ready to ‘pop the question’ to his lady love the night of the event, onstage, because he was so filled with love for the light of his life. And all on St. Valentine’s Day night.

With Ivan as Prof. X and his lady love dressed as Milla Jovovich’s Leeloo [The Fifth Element] in a fetching costume that was LED lite and spiffier than the movie version, along with all parents dressed in costume in a cast of hundreds dressed as fictional literary characters, the HOB stage in San Diego was set. Here is what it looked like on the most romantic night of the year.

It started with most of the usual crew, all in a new 'do'

Five faces top center to right, 5thru 9, are The Flux Capacitors

Who, on this night of romance, played the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.

The House of Blues layout, except most folks were in costume.

The crowd filled the venue much the same as in LA, pictured below.

There was a Special Guest.

Special Nerds, but not the short bus kind,

And a place of repair for your clone or equipment, be it blaster or bionic eye.

Blake Armstrong was there,

Plus this new feature added to Club Cosplay's VIP section, hosted by ILLNoise [Jamaal Harley, not pictured]

All under conduct set by Nerds for Nerds

But all eyes and the buzz of the evening were centered on Leeloo and the Professor.

Indeed, even Buffy, who has moved past vampire slaying and into the tech world but still wearing a signature cross pendant for those sharp-eyed enough to caught her no-costume costume, was there to offer her blessings to Ivan. Personally I hadn't seen Buffy since those heady first days of Occupy Los Angeles when she was one of the unemployed 1% curious about the movement. But we were all there to see true romance on St. Valentine's Night among our family of Nerds.

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