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Temecula, CA – Someday the adults here, certainly the cool ones into music anyway, will sing the praises of how a small out-of-the-way community could birth such a wide range of musical talent, and
of those who brought said sounds to
the youths’ ears like modern Piped Pipers.

Yesterday I was speaking to one of those Pipers, the owner of Full Value Entertainment, Bill Gould, Jr.

“Well since Ivan left the valley, there is a vacuum for presenting new music to the public now, so we are back to fill it. Suite 100 is our first show. It is the CD release event for the band. Spread the word!”

Or words to that effect because my mind was already drifting back through history to Bill’s early days at Madlins through the Java Joz daze and the new talent spotted in the Temecula Music Fest. For a while both Ivan and Bill filled now young adults’ ears with the freshest music to never see radio airplay. Then as if someone flipped a switch, that local music scene died. I then flashed back to the future.

“Our first show is March 7th at the Broadway Starz Playhouse venue,” Bill said, his eyes sparkling bright, “and there’s more.”

“It's Nacho Business, our catering service for healthy eats will also debut here that night.”

It's Nacho Business, itself wordplay on Bill’s closet rebel side [yes Sports Fans, now you know why we are friends] is a side venture Bill and Jeney started with the knowledge they gained from changing their diet from GMO/wheat glutton mainline status quo foods and drinks for health reasons much akin to Zen Honeycutt’s of Moms Against Monsanto. The food sideline was tried as an experiment the night of the Temecula Music Awards, reported here. The salsa was delicious.

This rainy, cold night I am in the empty playhouse space with the band, Mickey the stage manager, Bill, some of the band’s fam, and Captain Tuesday, himself a recent returnee to the area and the area’s music scene. Bill and the Captain worked together before under the FVE banner with Tuesday being the sound tech. like the talent that developed musically, the technical support also developed and it wasn’t from Phoenix U. so if you need some expert consultation and a hands-on sound tech worth his rank, tis the Captain. He and Mickey restrung the snake system for the sound check, which sounded great, while Bill’s two young lighting techs worked the lights through a laptop. This is the future.

Today writing up my friend’s return to ‘putting on shows’, I spent time listening to the soon-to-be released CD. Suite 100 isn’t an all ages band such as was seen at The Vault. S100 is a band that writes music set to poetic lyrics rather than music set to emotion. That doesn’t mean their music doesn’t produce emotion though. T-Town Tunes has already selected the single for initial airplay, DUSK:DAWN.

Doors, $10, includes Suite 100 CD Release and show. Refreshments, food extra. Broadway Starz,
42092 Winchester Rd, Temecula, CA 92590, (951) 296-9200

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