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Temecula, CA – Artists are artists and as such are sometimes temperamental. Watching the video of Afroman aka Joseph Foreman throw a haymaker without looking and then pick up his solo certainly makes the point of giving a performer his space onstage, especially during a solo when many artists have their eyes closed. It looks as brutal as the football player’s GF getting punched in that elevator. However, as bad as it looks in the vid, you see her getting up, dazed or shocked, then walk off the stage. Afroman’s show was cancelled and the performer was charged with simple assault and released on $330 bond.

Lost in a sea of moral and racially motivated outrage is the fact that Foreman has apologized publicly on facebook and owned up to his mistake. The rapper said he'd seek anxiety treatment and anger management after the assault. Despite the fact Afroman struck a white woman in the heart of Mississippi, this wasn’t a hate crime. Afroman explained that he was feeling queasy about the early show, his rep said Afroman didn’t see the woman climb onstage [security?] and he was startled, plus this is Mardi Gras season. So what does that mean? Simply this. If you have ever been in the South, you know the magic and the strange karma of stuff there.

I speak of this Southern magic or a side of it anyway, in Memoirs [pp 197-198] though my personal journey into the esoteric side of life begins long before that, in Iowa, Chapter 7, Start of The Magical Mystery Tour [pp 71]. The South has a strange kind of voodoo strain to it that you don’t find in other places of the country. Having seen Afroman at The Cannabis Cup and taken pictures with him that are probably on his facebook, I am sorry my friend made the mistake. Having a white heckler in the South isn’t like racist hecklers other places either, plus Afroman is used to white folks, as they say. This incidence was indeed uncharacteristic of the man I have met but it is not uncharacteristic of things that can happen to a person in the South. The South has a certain character.

On another note, one might wonder if Weedmaps will keep Afroman as their ‘legalize weed – Because I Got High’ Campaign. The young, hip, aka stoner market was the intended demo and now I can’t see many middle of the road, ‘aw yeah, he’s cool’ types looking to vote behind the Afroman brand. Turnout now of women – 0%

This one incident might have closed the door to having a rap/hip hop style artist rep the cause for Mary Jane Green in Sweet 16. Stay tuned and keep it here for political updates. Gonzo journalism is back.

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