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Temecula, CA – Bill said he was nervous; Julia sat on the floor watching the lighting tech, chatting it up like two kids in class over a science project; the Captain fiddled over the soundboard knobs of the massive soundboard; and Jeney finished setting up the concessions corner with her game face on. Onstage sat or stood members of Suite 100, whose CD release this show was about. This evening also marked the return to the all ages/+21 Indie music scene of Full Value Entertainment. Everyone was nervous, except me.

For me it was a return to seeing music performances of the caliber that I have written about since Full Value Entertainment began. Later as I watched Julia Lucius take the stage like a pro, albeit a young pro, I flashed back to seeing an electric bass stand taller than its player, knowing that when you closed your eyes the matter of age was lost in the talent heard. Once again a small portion of the valley glimpsed a world I saw on a weekly basis from behind the curtain, and appreciated the talent found here locally.

Last night with the return to ‘throwing shows’ featuring today’s music artists, Full Value Entertainment thrust itself back into the scene with a CD release party for a band that appeared in the Temecula Music Fest a few years ago, Suite 100, a core 3-piece that beefed-up to complete its music written for aural consumption. The show and the sound were great!

Dressed in his black tee from the Temecula Valley Music Awards, Bill opened the show as the night’s MC with an ease gained from the past. As with bicycling, hosting comes right back to you once you first learn how to do it. Like a Ted Mack great grandson, Bill introduced the night’s opener, Julia Lucius, a fresh-faced talent who could pass as Jessica Alba’s youngest sister.

Julia opened with the style of a seasoned artist and the pizazz of youth, giving the audience some background prior to each song. Her voice was expressive and her guitar playing belied the fact that her stage guitar was brand new. The perkiness and honesty of youth never fails to entertain and rapt applause followed each of Julia’s songs. As she closed her set, she showed a grace at being included in the night’s premiere event.

After an intermission allowing for the audience to enjoy the cheese nachos and refreshments from ItsNachoBusiness, the show continued with the headliners, the core members of Suite 100, taking the stage for an unplugged acoustic set featuring songs from the band’s freshman 2005 release, In The Night Kitchen.

Steven Strong, Matt Mincey, and Jeff Partridge (Person in hat is NOT Bill Gould)

Sitting flanked by Steven Strong playing acoustic bass and Jeff Partridge on acoustic lead/backing vox, Matt Mincey, guitar and lead vox, led the group through a pleasant set that was both entertaining and a look backward to where the band begin musically, with centered intimate sentiments. 

After that portion the ‘rest’ of the band took their places onstage to round out the current performing ensemble and album membership. Steven took his regular place as the band’s drummer for the seven piece group. Jeff continued his standout accompaniment.

Like the night’s opener, Suite 100 was very entertaining to watch as a band that didn’t jump around or provide the soundtrack for a mosh pit. Some bands are for dancing to and some are for listening to because they set harmony to the poetry they write. Suite 100 falls into the second category.

The songs and style of music from ‘The Only Cure For Gravity’ are more ambitious in nature and subject matter. The CD should yield a number of listenable songs to carry you away on whimsical thought fields concerning life around you and your heart since it clocks in at 22 tracks. Very indie.

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