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Temecula, CA – Having just finished a book about Jesus by Morton Smith, the latest factual analysis about ISIS, and Obama being mentioned so much in the Bible Code not to mention his polarizing effect through his demeanor, brings to mind that this story is playing out exactly as the Bible said it will, meaning the story is either pre-planned or pre-destined or ? or what?

The fact sheet I have on apocalyptic last signs calls for exactly what ISIS is proposing and the leader is a descendent of the Prophet’s tribe, a critical requirement for this prophecy to ring true. Yet many sources refuse to acknowledge this benchmark as real. They want to blow the group off rather than giving credence as prophecy fulfilled, which would then allow you to know for sure what’s next and then seek to alter the future. This common sense logic seems absent in those who could make a difference.

To understand why this is so, beyond the ‘God’s Will’ sort of thing, I have a theory which may seem a bit different, but hear me out. Many people including televangelists point to signs of the last days, people feel it, and yet every day we see evidence of those in charge not seeing the writing on the wall. Shakespeare summed up the theory but what about the people who become aware of the play? The Bible seems to address this issue with a simple logic. If you see the truth, can you handle the truth?

If you see the craziness in the world, the callousness of Republicans in general, the elitism of the Democrats – party of the people, bureaucrat welfare, and evil companies, but the people involved either don’t see it [and many don’t, just sample the reader comments on MSN and other mainstream news comments] or are a shill like the lawyer at the Chapman University Food Debate, see GMO debate story in 2012 archives. If you see this and are aware, then you are seeing their reality and also yours.

That puts you in two worlds, or two kingdoms since Jesus talked of the Kingdom of Heaven being at hand. To prove this was true, Jesus made sure to push his agenda until it got him crucified [again as predicted] then being resurrected leaving a burial cloth fingerprint only discernable when technology advanced to the point of proving his belief beyond a doubt. This core belief was that you could live in a world without a fixation on needing to have money. Belief in this principle was expressed a number of times in various situations leading up to Passover. Why is this belief so important?

Because money sustains ownership. The scarcity of something increases its monetary value.

The Bible also tells us that belief is everything. If we believe we need money, how can we believe in a world where you do not? If we can’t believe in that world, then that world is closed to us because of our belief.

In a world with no ownership, you would have no marriage but that doesn’t mean you would not know love. You would not own a house but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have a place to live [“In my father’s house are many mansions”]. The word ‘house’ here clearly refers to another realm and one that is available if you believe it is and ready for occupancy. The reversal of sizes ‘house vs a mansion’ is also a dead giveaway to something magical, esoteric, or as recently put in a story, imaginary.

But that kind of belief may be a little scarce, especially if you watch TV and drink fluoridated water. Have no fear, simply utter the name “Jesus” and like Billy Batson changing into Captain Marvel, you will live to fight another day. Just like that, with not much premeditated faith, more a cry for help and almost instinct. Again there is a magic calling on.

The signs are clear and if you see them you are halfway where you need to be to escape the first death. Belief is what you need to finish the equation and unlock the secret to leaving this realm. Remember, the First Commandment doesn’t say there is only one God, it only discusses the order. When you make it as only one God, then who owns that one God and my God is better than your God comes into play.

ISIS calls Western Christians ‘Crusaders’ after their 7th Century IYF* brand of Islam in an attempt to bait Obama. To Eastern Christians they simply say, “Next!”

Where’s Duke Nukem when you really need him? The next solar eclipse is coming on a Jewish high day soon. Solar eclipses are 'warnings for Christians' when they fall on a Jewish holiday [they say]. This coming eclipse will be visible only in Europe, however. Odd that Obama dropped the ball on standing with Charlie Hebbo, missing a prime opportunity he was once keen on. Maybe he’s only a homie, after all.

[*- In Your Face, a slang of music genre involving punks]

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