Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Temecula, CA – As you read this I am again off on a road trip back in the state I spent the most time in as far as Memoirs is concerned, Iowa. Traveling to Iowa is still something of a mixed bag for me as far as cannabis is concerned. Gone are the days talked about in Chapters 8-15.
However, since I am attending a birthday party and a reunion show all tied to a person in the book, I do have a certain aura of coolness to stroll in with, being from Southern California now. For this trip back my plan is to be as cool as a cloud. In fact, I will have my own cloud, the Cloud V Phantom Premium, a very cool flower vape pen that resembles a cool light saber handle. 
During the recent Cannabis Cup I met Aristotle, the account exec for CloudVapes.com at the Cloud V tent after a demonstration and informative chat with the knowledgeable staff. To coincide with cannabis, the green model was chosen for review. Also the flower/dry herbal model was chosen for review over the slimmer oil/dab model just for the reason of this article, which is what do you do if you come from an advanced MMJ state to one that is not. Your clue Mr. Phelps, Mary Jane as a dried/cured plant is everywhere.
Weighing in at 4.8oz [empty], the Cloud V has a nice heft to it, alluding to its solid construction and sleek design. The color panel placement give a no-nonsense look to the golf club handle-sized Cloud V.
As with any high tech device these days, ease of operation is tantamount. The Cloud V is as simple as it gets without voice command. Inside the single mid black border around the 6 3/4” tall pen is a single button. Pressing this button 3 times in secession turns the button a green color, the first power setting of three available. A couple of taps on the button will turn its color to a deep blue, the second and recommended temperature setting. A final red button temperature button color remains. One button push turns off the unit. The unit will also shout off automatically after 3 minutes.
The temp level/on-off button is placed directly behind the logo, on the far side

Removal of the mouthpiece tip held in place by an O-ring connection, reveals an interior heating chamber. This is where you place your sifted or sand-boxed leaf, pushing it down but not packing so as to allow air to be drawn through, bringing you the vapors.
Once packed and the button pushed, it will blink off and on until the blinking increases to a solid color light. Now your Cloud V is ready to go. Drawing in that first breath, you are reminded of a volcano hit, even on the exhale. There is no ghost and only a slight vapor can briefly be seen. There is also no smell or odor at all. As with any flower vape, the hits toward the end may bring on some coughing or feel harsh. At any rate the unit shuts down at the end of its 3-minute cycle so unless you're really huffing, the timed rate is perfect.
Charging is also quick and easy with a USB recharge connector for your laptop. When first plugged in, the connected end will display a red signal behind the logo on the bottom of the base. When fully charged this light will show green. Follow all charging instructions per included instructions. A simple care and maintenance bagged kit is included.
Remember also that this item contains a battery and is therefore restricted to your purse or briefcase when traveling by air.
This product is made in the USA, is finely crafted and performs as indicated, simply, quietly, and efficiently.

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