Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Temecula, CA – As she looked over the music list sent her, she had a few comments for me that I thought would go a long way in explaining the scope behind T-Town Tunes before the official launch is rolled out for the valley. 

Angela was chosen for the intern position because, like the foreign talent judges at the TVMA who were all from behind the Orange Curtain, she had no knowledge of the artists prior to taint her selection of music to be played. Me, on the other hand, well I know 95% of the music groups played, having met them either locally or on the road in my So Cali adventure story trips.
One other facet of Angela caught my eye. Being a model [420, of course] we talked about her view on the subject. From the outlook and subtleties expressed in her vision of things I could tell she possessed the eye/ear to comprehend between genres and styles of music played. Plus Angela is young, and as Dr. Martin Luther King said to me, “The kids are the future,.”
Angela, as a valley outsider, had a few questions for me as well.
Angela: You seem to have something for everybody's musical taste, except opera lovers.
PTR: Yeah, that and death metal. I don't like my music with violence.
Angela: There are a lot of artists too. The music scene in your area must have been huge.
PTR: Oh it was. At it's height there were 2000 bands in a 25-mile radius of Temecula. Plus this was before the banks collapsed the bubble so you had bands stopping through in their vans headed for LA. FVE was the first to utilize that feature. That and we got on MySpace when it only had 3 Million. It was the end of the beginning at the social media site, the first of its kind.
Angela: FVE?
PTR: Full Value Entertainment, or Bill Gould. He is the owner/promoter/musician and he is the publisher here. He was starting out and throwing shows at the coffeehouse called Madlins. After one sold out show there I asked him how he had heard of the bands, Limbeck and Steel Train, I believe? He said, “Dude. My Space!”
Angela: I see some names that aren't MySpace, like the Rolling Stones.
PTR: Right, but the stuff used from bands like that is rare and not what you hear on 95.5 or the other oldie stations. Same thing with the Stevie Ray Vaughan selections. I wanted to have something folks my age would recognize but not be some played-to-death oldie. My aim is to expose these listeners to the quality of talent that was behind those hits as well as the talent of today's artists, like a War Stories, and vica-versa. Plenty of people here read or remember the band eras of Java Joz, Cuppys, and The Vault. I have all that music.
Angela: Is there anyone you left out?
PTR: Heavens to Murgatroyd, yes. The selections used only represent a portion of my collection from the music scene days. And of course, the scene isn't dead, just pruned way back. I have included two selections from a band I heard at the relaunch of FVE just days ago. Fresh is the key.
There were other factors in this first group of music used also. One thing was ease of CD track identification and ease of selection. There are groups that were too hard to track down or convert their files into the platform requirements. Others are just buried and there is a certain time constraint.
Angela: Alright, PT. I'll set this up and let you know as soon as it is ready! Stay lifted. 

PTR: You too, Angela. Keep logging those trees.

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