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Temecula, CA – Now I have two things to remind me of 3-8-08, the day Shaun Vilan was gunned down by inebriated but toting off duty, out of county cop Dibble, then left to bleed out assuring no questions would ever be answered until God has His Day. But hey, that’s at least two blood moons away, so meh.

A year ago on another 3-8, a jet plane flew away from this cuckoos’ nest that would have had trouble fitting on the 105. The map to your right is how the experts view the world as far as open news and press stands. As a citizen journalist, someone who lives on both sides of the mirror, I can say that the map you see is bogus, otherwise we would all know that Hitler died in 1965 rather than 1945 and the reason for the Pope’s blessing on Hitler’s Final Solution was the promised advancement for idiopathic medicine.

To believe in anything official as gospel, anywhere, is cuckoo and people reacted negatively to CNN’s milking of this Elsie news cow with pinched noses. In reality, the real story is about how the public, the relatives, and the press were handled, leaving the question of why, further fortifying the luxury of government involvement. As with the two dissident views, TemCal brings you the real deal of what happened on the ground, or did you think Ferguson was only about race?

“Beijing (AFP) - Chinese relatives of passengers on board the missing flight MH370 gathered under a heavy police presence Sunday to mark one year since the plane disappeared.

About two thirds of those on board the Malaysia Airlines flight were Chinese, but relatives say they have faced harassment from authorities in their own country as they seek answers on the world's biggest aviation mystery.

China's ruling Communist Party commonly clamps down in organised gatherings or collective expressions of anger as it seeks to enforce stability.

Chinese relatives had planned to commemorate the disappearance of the Boeing 777 at a number of sites in Beijing, including the Malaysian embassy, the airport and the Lama Temple, a popular Tibetan Buddhist place of worship and tourist site.

Dozens of uniformed security sealed the street around the diplomatic mission, an AFP reporter saw, while relatives said they had opted to avoid the airport as police were out in force.

About 30 visited the Lama Temple, with around 10 entering the site in groups of two or three to pay their personal respects, as if attempting to keep a low profile.

The remainder waited outside the temple in a group, wearing T-shirts saying "Pray for MH370", and waving placards to photographers reading "Keep searching for MH370".

But most media had been moved on from the area by police, with one officer telling AFP that it was a regulation enforced by the temple.

"The ones wearing the clothes with the words 'Pray for MH370' would find it hard to get in (to the temple)," relatives' leader Steven Wang told AFP.

"We were originally planning to go the embassy or the airport, but I heard they are tons of police officers in the two places, especially the embassy. The police have enforced martial law in the area surrounding it," added Wang, whose mother was on the plane.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told a press conference on the sidelines of the National People's Congress, China's Communist-controlled parliament, that the search effort for MH370 would continue.

"Today will be a tough day for the next of kin of passengers on board the flight, our hearts are with you," he said, telling the relatives Beijing would "help safeguard your legitimate and lawful requests and interests".

After waiting for about 90 minutes outside the temple, the relatives walked away to a nearby restaurant, under the close watch of police.” – [AFP story source]

If you thought Ferguson, the brutal shootings of blacks and homeless, or Barry, GMOs, and the Republicans were just a local thing, please read Matt 24:21. For the forecast of things to come, please read, Daniel, Chapter 2. For Barry’s tie-in read ‘Dreams of My Father’ then cross-reference his dream with Nebuchadnezzar’s in Chapter 2. For how this all ties together, please read rear cover [Amazon], Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, also available on audiobook everywhere.

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