Thursday, May 21, 2015


Temecula, CA – As we run up to Memorial Day, the Calendar and I are going to feature some guest columnists and their views. Regular readers know how I feel about this country's politics and political leaders. This first report features the latest on the Ukraine, where 'bear hunting' in the East is akin to 'coon hunting' in the South, around Uncle Remis way.
It isn't just enough to get the status quo, typically corrupt President toppled for regime change so to get our guy in, like Irag, like Afganistan, like Vietnam, it is the rich farmland along with the oil pipeline that the US, read Monsanto, covets to use to posion Eastern Europe, turning their population into a drug-addled, medicine-dependent, doctor-approved citizenry, like the US population. But hey, Joe Biden got his kid a well-paying job there. What else is a dad supposed to do for his kid but give them a helping hand up.

After the break we get a first hand look at the neo-nazi war effort you are not being told of on FOX, CNN, or even CBS, but really, it is the same tired line to propping up a weak military with advisors, equipment, and tax-payer funds to keep our puppet in power as our financial partners move in to split the pie. We are not seeing this because we had seen this same war movie before, and before. The question is, how much longer people will put up with this. The answer will depend on God because these are the 'last days' and we are in the midst of his signs as foretold.
Our first report

Our second report
Our third report
Our fourth report
You may think that some news printed here doesn't affect you, and where you live, but events happening on the world stage will have more effect on your lifestyle personally than some thug or drunk driver down the road. Unless you meet that person in person.

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