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Temecula, CA – Fresh in the face of the Vegas Hempfest, an impotent event as lackluster as the Mayweather fight, and the “dumb ass” roll up of Washington State's medical marijuana patients, comes CANILIV?'s Green Miles Experience Festival, kicked off at San Bernardino's NOS (National Orange Show) Center.

Traveling this time with two canna-curious friends, cough and two long-time Memoirs holders, ahem, my coverage of the event is the early show report of the GME from before the sun went down. Even so, the questions I had as a reporter were answered and I can recommend this fest when it comes to your area.
We arrived early and found our way into the NOS ground adjacent to the big airplane hanger center which later became the VIP and dressing room area. Across the concrete apron about six or so Food Trucks were setting up. Each offered a different style of ethnic cuisine via Mom 'n' Pop cafe on wheels.
In front of the hanger building there was a full size stage set up. Some beatbox [3 guys] would perform later to a light crowd shortly after the festival starting time of 4:20 PM. To the left away from the stage were several stalls set up with rec doctors to evaluate you for $70, a little pricey from other events I've hit but since I don't shop for those at fests, who's to say. I did see the waiting area, rows of folding chairs, mostly filled at one time.
Inside [we came through the 'stage door' not the patron entrance] the 5K walk had yet to be set up but there was a DJ pumping out hip hop tune beats just the same. The vendor village had been set up and that is where and what I sought with my friends. When you read that this time is the 'wild west' in pot status terms, in a way they are correct. Every festival seems to have different vendors with different products. That, in itself, is the very mantra of the first person we ran into even before we set foot inside the village, the visionary dedication to keep the little guy in the growing cannabis industry thereby instituting continuing innovation for patient relief.
Yes indeed, it was Prof Hemp, aka Patrick, repping CCHI 2016. My two canna-curious friends soaked up all his words like a sponge without pants. From there it was only a few steps into the village, which had parts still setting up. In fact, I had beaten the 420Nurses though I was still repping the ladies by rocking my 420nurses black polo as their official press. Walking over to the first first vendor, KUSH Extracts (on Instragram), I inquired about their booth and was offered a free dab. I chose Super Jack from among the 5 various shades of gold. It was a real bake-up call!
Part of a festival is samples, another is awareness. I asked about THC and CBD liquid gel caps* at KUSH then wound up buying one. It was $2. “You'll have a good time,” says the young attendant with a smile.

Many vendor booths had several cannabis items, including skin creams which not only moisturized but also healed and relieved pain. One such place carried [to early birds] free samples of their indiCREAM*, another carried a natural cologne called Herb of Life OT-G 1:11™*, and from TKO Edibles, a delicious-looking bit-size multi-colored Rice Crispy treat, a Scoobie snack*. A fellow who had a crowd was throwing out small green pill containers with a single liquid gel cap*. My friends found their products to try at Heavenly Organics*. All these* will be staff-tested with the results reported here, see 'Do They Work?' coming soon.

Though not as large as the recently held High Times Cannabis Cup, the flagship marijuana related festival, there were a number of places to donate for medicine, with the low being $5 a gram and the high being $10 a gram. I grabbed a gram of Platinum Orange Cream [a pine-smelling, neatly trimmed selection of 'little finger'-sized medium green frosted leaf, covered mostly with orange-gold hair], Blue Dragon [attic-scented white pin-pointed soft clumps of green leaf with 40% orange hair cover], and the piece-de-resistence was a pine cone-sized 3 gram OG Kush nug. Tests are in on these puppies. Two thumbs high up! Two new stroke joints [pre-rolls] were obtained for the standard $5 with both passing the sniff test. While some may prefer to be knee deep in the hoopla, me and my friends stay nose deep in the bush [of cannabis].
The start of any festival is a project to undertake, I know from my days of covering Ivan Concerts and the Temecula Music Fest, but I was able to get a few minutes with CANILIV? Organizer Roger Southfield, who looks just like his picture. 
Roger Southfield, director/head of XLIX'rs Coalition

Though I didn't get a chance to really pick Roger's brain for the back story, the organizers of CanI?Liv are: Aja Fonseca, Vince Arnold, and Jason Reed. The Xlix'rs, a coalition of patients and doctors standing united for safe access** and public safety*** for the entire [MMJ] community, is the sponsor. . In my short interview, I found 'the face' of CANILIV? to be aware, genuine, charming and dedicated in his effort to stop California's medical marijuana patients from following either Colorado [ex-Prop 19] or Washington State via involvement with Jack Herer's CCHI2016 inclusive hemp initiative.

Someone who shared their recollections of Jack Herer was the hip hop artist Cash Phlow. He talked of knowing Jack before he had his first stroke and the smoke-out sessions they would have to see who had the best shit. Three out of four times, Cash Phlow won. With CP was fellow artist 2- HYE. Though both were appearing later together onstage, some time before or after that performance was set for some rounds of 420Football, a sport the Fugitive Commissioner wouldn't FFHL. These guys were 29-0, including against the 420Nurses. Both artists prided themselves about that accomplishment while giving props to any team willing to step up.

And speaking of the 420Nurses, the crew set up their booth with Chacha, Jimmy, Summer, and Matthew working with a group of some new, some old, as in Cannabis Cup, faces; all smiling while working to set up and pose for photos plus greet people for Green Wolf [later free dabs] and offer a pack of organic hempwick featuring the clinik 844-THC-2YOU. Before my early departure around 6PM I got a chance to wish Summer Rain a Happy Belated 21st Birthday. With my own approaching and a pending party to be thrown by my generation of relatives, of which I am now the oldest, lol, I'm at the other end of the birthday spectrum. 
Maintaining the busy station of the legalization drive was the CCHI group booth, again this time with old friends Jeanette with Patrick, new friend Debbie, and several others whose names I don't remember, but they were very nice, as were all the people we, my friends and I, talked to at the GME.
With the sun starting to wan and the evening air cooling down, 3 Amigos headed back down the highway, each a day tripper with different new memories and questions answered concerning cannabis. It was an interesting day but for me, night brought a quick sampling treat as I played 2-HYE's Love, Death, & Revolution CD recommended by ace roadie Daniel. Every festival has a wizard and Daniel gets the nod for providing the answer to a troubling riddle.
(** - the right to keep the medical market separate from the recreational and also not to be gouged by government taxes. *** - self-regulation done within the community without unnecessarily meddlesome and costly government oversight.)

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