Friday, May 1, 2015


Temecula, CA – Saturday as millions march around the globe in favor of marijuana and millions more watch the greatest two minutes in sports, the Kentucky Derby, both events I have a personal attachment to, another is happening on a local level which I am pleased to announce, Paul Bahou is getting married to his long time gf/partner/band mate, Melissa Smith.

Paul came into my life as a member of the band Inverse when they played Madlins as the last show of their first tour. It was the band's first summer out of high school and they had a merch guy named Ivan. The story of Ivan, yeah, that Ivan, can be found here in numerous music stories, including the last one which featured cosplayer Ivan proposing onstage to his long time friend, Elissa of Hemet.
Like this valley, knowing Paul grew richer and deeper over the years, though the second time I saw Paul, he and Ivan had come to see a show Bill put on at Madlins. He and Ivan stood over in the shadows and observed. Bill and I both noticed, though I asked 'who were those two unmasked men?'
By the time Johnny Blaze and Java Joz hit a zenith during the 'Mullet Room' daze, a genuine albeit small-town Club 54 style scene was raging. At the epicenter, a coalition of friends formed a family of sorts with the energy radiating outward, drawing others with the same quality. Elizabeth Amirian, known as Bipsy, and Paul were part of this epicenter. To those outside this 'scene', it was an art colony, for everyone in the scene was/is an artist.
But artists are people too. Many led, at the time, very interesting lives beyond their music. Paul is one of those folks. Though the 'starving artist' concept holds true for a majority of performers, the background for Paul is more on a par with the 1%. His parents are owners. Paul is a visionary artist with an artisan mind. He is a debater and a writer, but he has that side of whimsy. He plays bass with a passion.

That whimsy is matched in Melissa, another artist and a puzzle piece match for Paul. Though that statement sounds simple, fitting into Paul's world is more than a notion. Still, any woman who knows how to say 'hello' Wallace & Grommet style offers an intellectual edge. Over the years and even at first, Melissa hit the scene as a person or personality, much as any in the group. When she returned, it was like, 'cool, Melissa's back'. 
The marriage taking place wasn't a surprise since both are members of new band The Infamous They, but when you have been gone for a month life goes on without you, as the saying goes. Let me catch up by saying, on behalf of the Temecula Calendar, Congratulations, Good Luck, and Blessed Wishes to, 
Melissa and Paul Bahou

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