Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Temecula, CA – It was 1964 when I saw my first James Bond movie, 'Dr. No'. Impressed enough with the hero's style, the next year I began to read the published works of Ian Fleming along with his bio, beginning with the first Bond novel, Casino Royale. Fleming painted a hero that was as ruthless as his enemy but more resourceful. He also painted a world that was bigger than life. And James Bond, an agent for the government and the 'free world', fought against global enterprises which sought world domination when the cold war Russian theme got thin.
Watching in the darkened theater, I would sometimes laugh to myself as I thought, 'how could a company have more money than a government who made money or be that powerful? Fleming's notion was ludicrous. Flash forward to this Saturday and more than likely I will be somewhere joining in with millions who collectively around the world will be marching in protest against the real life equivalent of S.P.E.C.T.R.E., James Bond's multinational, trans-global adversary. In real life, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. would own James Bond. Sadly there is no James Bond, only people on street corners with signs and cars with blaring horns approving. 
The revolution wasn't televised, it was subsidized, commercialized, and franchised by Monsanto, voted the world's most evil company. The head think tank behind the DARK Act, TPP, Fast Track, and the gentrification of the nation through the country's breadbasket, Monsanto, featured even in recent years on The Simpsons, will be once again demonstrated against in a march to once again draw attention to the net gathering around the country's 83% not part of the 'ruling class'.
Ruling class does not signify an economic designation like 'middle or upper class' but rather a type of person, as Zen Hunnycutt, wife and mom of a successful day-trader found out. A nice house, perfect life, church-oriented, textbook existence didn't keep her kids from falling victim to the effects of GMO foods with ingredients that company officials tried to hide from her honest inquiry. Zen helped start Moms Across America, just one of many grassroots groups protesting Monsanto, who recently got sued.

Even in Fleming's world of Bond, dispatching [killing] the head of these cartels didn't put an end to the global evil behemoths. Like a hydra, they always developed a new head because the evil people have to be employed somewhere. In real life the heads or owners of large corporations are harder to change than government regimes. Since large corporations control the official media outlets, don't expect any coverage unless by CNN or the usual citizen journalism sites. It will be out there, just not in plain sight or as front page news.

It doesn't make a difference, however, because the bend has been turned. More and more food manufacturers are replacing the GMO ingredients with natural ones. Chipolte Mexican Grill has fulfilled its mission statement direction by becoming a no-GMO eatery. [Be sure and catch, Eating Under The Radar But Not In The DARK, coming soon here]
Along with replaced ingredients, many food processors are simply not Monsanto. These companies are not evil, especially the small, locally owned ones outside the states with wholly owned government representation, see 'yah' list here. Aside from the people of the small, independent food producers, more and more consumers are starting to realize that the last time a vote to label GMOs came up, they were lied to (heaven forbid) by big business and slick advertising; played for rubes with the ole 'But it's gonna cost ya' song 'n' dance.

Now as the citizenry slowly wises up Monsanto is trying to seal off the pass with the DARK Act, TPP, Fast Track, and GMO marijuana. Knowing who will win in the end has nothing to do with participation. If you can't or don't want to join a crowd of folks on a corner, call your local news channel or newspaper and ask them if they are going to cover the march, because you would like to know about the event. If they say they don't know anything about it, tell them look it up! In this day and age ignorance of a world event is no excuse. Thanks.

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