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Temecula, CA – Saturday, May 23rd, millions around the world in hundreds of cities, organized and marched against the world's most evil corporation, who like Monty Burns' sun-stealing machine, have crossed the line past cartoon villainy into pure evil. Unfortunately for us, Monsanto is not part of The Simpsons though the giant kraken has in been featured in a number of episodes as a foil.
Featured more this year was the latest on TPP, and at the end of this report, the latest on what you can do to stop this takeover tomorrow [Rand Paul's filibuster ran long so many house members elected not to leave on vacation. This could be a bloody Monday as most Americans finish up an American holiday and Congress finishes up America.]
Not just another day at the beach for this youngster

Moreover, it was the gathering together of young and old; artists, dreamers, middle class, upper middle class, and a smattering of some in-between, all united by the realization that unless Monsanto is stopped, we will all be gone by 2025. Right now the only thing which can prevent that from happening is educational exposure to the general public, it would seem. Several activist leaders were at the Laguna Beach protest march site including Brett Wilcox, the author who ran across the country to raise 'No-GMO' awareness. His experience inspired him to write a 'Book Two'. He was there with words about the fight and his reached-upon conclusion to this struggle. Here is our report.
Introducing Brett is John Diaz, the original OC recruiter/coordinator for Prop 37, a stranger I met at Occupy Los Angeles.

Both the video-mentioned book review and the urine sample test will be participated in by a TemCal staff member with the full details reported here.
The Laguna March started under puffy marchmellow cloud shady skies before paths of blue began peeking through to borderline crisp ocean air. When the skies cleared as march attendance grew but stayed dark inland, some of us took it as a sign of Psalm 37.
The woman behind the girl in the lead photo is Carol Fant, a teacher/activist who worked 2 I/2 months every day with either the city/police/code enforcement officials to comply with permits and sign-offs to secure this spot on the beach for Memorial Day weekend. Everyday, from 9-5, Monsanto gets paid to be evil. It is their job. Freedom fighters are rebels; they're part-timers. Here are some other photos of this global protest. As John said, 'you could feel the love'. The two most touching parts of our march protest occurred when a spontaneous drum moment broke out at the Taco Bell, driven by a barefoot rasta-bandana sweatbanded youth who joined the south end of the march bringing the instrument to the energy. It was a true Judy Garland moment done to 'Hi Hey, Hi Ho, GMOs have got to Go' flash mob style, as you can see in the picture below.

The second moment occurred during a Q&A audience participation portion led by Peter Mathews, Cypress College poly-sci professor and media host/consultant. Several tweens asked questions showing genuine puzzlement at the concept that evil, in addition to 'bad', actually exists in the physical world. Real life evil and church-taught evil on a global scale are poignant to hear when they get questioned by youth first making the connection.
Here's the picture of the March from someplace that might have been close to you.
LA's Compton, repped by Snickers and Buddy (dressed in bee suit), used 'ruff' language concerning Monsanto
March Against Monsanto - Bangladesh
March Against Monsanto - Bogota, Columbia
March Against Monsanto - Paris
March Against Monsanto - London
What you can do later Monday. See our second March Against Monsanto part 'Think Organic, Or Start To Panic'!

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