Sunday, May 31, 2015


Temecula, CA – When you're standing in a crowd mixed with a cross representation of social classes, there is a sense of being in a secular church. After all, when you are united in
stopping the population from continually being poisoned, you feel like you are doing something God would approve of, don't you think?
Though I could understand the general perplexity over Occupy, even without the deliberate muddying by the press, given that it was political, but I have often wondered why this Christian country doesn't have the crowds of protest for things like protesting Monsanto? Overwhelmingly the people I meet at these march gatherings aren't your bread-n-butter Christians though none are atheists either.
This lack of attention could be from 'not knowing' as the sign says at the right, but for me that is just too easy an answer, especially when you live in Temecula and have free newspapers giving garden advise of what to plant but not what to spray. Sorry, I don't believe Monsanto is Omnipotent. Luckily Rev. Anderson and cast here gives a sermon that shines light into this mystery, as once again we see a seed planted before you were born has now sprouted as a corrupt tree. This is what we are fed from it. Roll Sunday sermon movie after the jump.

And now our film, 2015 Bible Prophecy, After the Tribulation and End Time

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