Monday, May 4, 2015


Temecula, CA – Before I start the news and news trend stories, cough, Dr. OZ vs. GMOs, I feel the need to let my readers know why I dropped off the grid for a little over a month. Returning to Iowa for the Spoonbills Reunion/Woody's 60th seemed a simple thing at the onset. However, when I tried to visualize a return date, I arbitrarily chose April 20.
After rolling into Des Moines at 2am to be picked up by an old friend recently reconnected by the infamous facebook, the door opened and this trip led to a trip of discovery in a place where the majority of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green [chs 4-14, 16-18], named Davenport, IA. The story of the birthday party will be reported in a different news piece, hint- it was a blast!

This trip of discovery revealed new music, old ground, and great eats, my kind of adventure. But too, it wouldn't be me without a touch of the esoteric, so there was some of that. In particular, I came across a book I heard about decades ago when I attended St. Ambrose. In some class on religion a professor noted that there was a book which explained why things were the way they were. This was a book of enlightenment. It's like getting your five minutes with God - “Of course. Now it all makes sense now.”

We all feel that there is some Master plan going on, a plan most of us aren't in on. Although when I say most, I mean some. Well it turns out that there is a master plan hidden in a mantra more visible in the upper educated, upper middle-classes. Jesus pointed out that the poor are always among us 2000 years ago. Today you see hordes more people migrating in droves from more than one area outward, all poor. Is there some game plan ideology for managing/controlling the poor/masses?
The nature of things as a subject is a way of explaining why things are the way they are. Generally speaking you must have several other handles on reality to go along with a cosmic view, but let's say you are comfortable with where you are in the universe. What this book reveals is what they are taught that you are not. Perhaps they feel these things instinctively because there has always been a disconnect between those who are served and those who do the serving. One group cannot exist without the other. They are mutually symbiotic and control hangs in the balance.
The answer to why there are two groups/bloodlines of people is an unholy but divine GMO act on the human species right at the start. The serpent beguiled Eve, meaning the serpent had a pedophilia episode with Eve, who was totally innocent, by way of superior knowledge, deception, and power. This sex act introduced Cain and his seed to the world. The word 'beguile' means 'to utterly seduce' including sexually. In the magic world it is the position of 'power over'. This behavior is dark because it removes the 'free will' option, as people who get married/become gf-bf do so because of mutual attraction not magic apple.
Ignoring the begetting of Cain via the serpent and blaming the woman [victim] is the original Kansas City Shuffle of the victim becoming the story rather than the story standing by itself. Abel was through the woman by man, then replaced by Seth, whose name means 'facsimile', the root word for fax. The Bible says that Seth was given to Eve so Abel's seed would not be lost. In Genesis chapter 3, God puts a curse between the two different seeds so there will never be peace.
This part of the Bible is overlooked or denied by status quo thinking/education as is passed down by the current crop of community/religious leaders, and would be probably judged as heretical in theory. A simpler analogy might be to say every egg laid is some degree of spoiled. From there the eggs are painted in various rhythmic shades, concealing their inner spoilage. Then these eggs enter all avenues of life to be sold in the general population. By this way, all eggs, good or bad, come to us in the same skin.
In the same fashion, the word of God comes to us through the lens of evil, which cannot destroy the word since evil is a part of that word, but it can chose what to hide and what to reveal. The nature of things is the reveal of what is normally hidden. Seeing what is normally hidden alongside that which is normally viewed in the open gives you a fuller picture and opens doors of thought not readily known before. You are able to see the deception and the reason for it, or rather where the logic for the evil comes from. As Spock would say, “Fascinating.”
The bottom line is just as they told you in church, control of your free will. But who will control that will? Will it be an addition? Will it be an organization requiring a tithe? Will it be belief in Man's technology which has now come full circle to say God Move Over? Or will it be something more of a puzzle to figure out like a treasure map, a sixth level past the four known of the Torah and by extension, the Bible Code, the fifth level?
The book of knowledge which provides life's mortar called the nature of things is officially titled, The History of Magic and The Occult, Kurt Seligmann, ISBN 0-517-55129-2 [pbk.]

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