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Temecula, CA – Having just finished We're Monsanto, Still Feeding The World – Lie After Lie, and  posting a 5Star review for the Brett Wilcox followup work to Book One under my alter ego, the book cover's white tee shirt person; watched End Game by Alex Jones, seeing for the first time his 'end game' tie-in to the Georgia Guidestones, aka eugenics, the theme spoke of here, and these words, discovered by me just today in research on a story theme, lead to a dark conclusion:
Food that makes you fat and sick
“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable.
And any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” - The Impact of Science On Society, Bertrand Russell [1872-1970]
On the basis of these 3 things and ideas expressed in the upcoming Is Monsanto Taking Out The Trash, it would seem even with another Biblical David, or Zen Honeycutt showing up dressed as Wonder Mom, Diana Prince's younger sister, nothing short of something cosmic can stop the cancer of Monsanto, or the elite cartel it is part of. 
What I do know is the people I march with aren't doing it for gain, even if they have a book or film out. It is evil that is well-financed and even subsidized through public taxes. No, the people who march do this out in the principle of agape, or that of putting yourself out for a stranger.

The group shot at the end of a grand day at the beach to protest for the right to label GMOs
I thought about this and all of us at these marches knows the score on GMO foods. We could be selfish and choose to not spread this info around to other people. We could be watchers. We could be like them. 
Knowing and demonstrating against GMOs isn't just for 'treehuggers' anymore
Any of these moms could have huddled their kids close and kept mum. Instead, moms, artists, foodies, and ordinary people became extraordinary by doing things that call attention to an undeniable conclusion of government sponsored eugenics by 17% against the remaining 83%. 
Kathleen K. Hallal, one of the two organizers of Moms Across America
While the recent Monsanto Marches worldwide have helped spread the word to more and more people since beginning only a few years ago [if you are a long-time reader, you read the birth here], Bertrand Russell's words show the present government plan has just evolved from giving indigenous people small pox-infested blankets to now include most of U.S. 
 Locally in Temecula people marched [covered by Valley News], regionally [Laguna Beach covered by TemCal, LA/Facebook], and nationally/globally [HuffPo]. Here are a few pictures of the people who marched at the Laguna Beach event. Presented by virtue of Psalms 37 this Sunday, June 7, 2015.
"Dear Monsatan", out of the signs of babes

A beach drummer gives meaning to 'the beat goes on!'

Monsanto is an equal opportunity depopulation agency. If's it living, they will seek to kill it.

Prop 37 readers may recall the smiling woman in the green sun hat, Lien

Co-organizers for the Laguna March, Carol Fant, John Diaz, represent a coalition of groups against Monsanto

Tracy, left, and Katja, right, a German private grade school teacher, are veteran faces

A local artist joins in on the protest march. If you don't work for Monsanto, you don't like them.

As we crossed Broadway, we hit our stride amid the honking horns and cheers

We marched through the holiday beach crowds

We marched through the neighborhoods

We marched past other demonstrators who know what is up

Whole families marched

And then we made...

...a big ole Boss Line for God and everybody to see

Though dark and cloudy inland, Mother Nature smiled on author Brett Wilcox

and all the other speakers telling truth about science-induced ills, like mom Tracy

Radio Show and media consultant Peter Mathews [Dollar Democracy] listens as a child asks 'WHY'

Ready to carry on the fight for the future

This should have been the pose at Occupy

The kids are our future. That's why we march against Monsanto! (Photo credit - most Laguna pictures by Steven Storm)

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