Friday, June 5, 2015



Temecula, CA - Recently a black news announcer reported that Obama hasn't done enough for black people. Although this 'me first and the gimme gimme attitude' has worn thin for many of us, this announcer has no idea what Obama is about to do TO black people. And the rest of us as well.

After using a 'white' good old [rich] boy to push America over the edge from safe to secure and freedom to control, a labeled black man, blood cousin to Dick Cheney, is trotted in for the remaining Judas Goat stage.

If you are reading this story right now, text your zip code to 235246 and then call Washington to say NO to Fast Track, which would give dictatorial powers to the man pictured above concerning jobs, food, medicine, human rights, artistic license, and sanction slavery, in an effort to ring an economic noose around china.

After the jump, see American life after and if this bad penny gets his way in pictures.  

Yep, yep

Though the above images refer to the FIFA scandal, the message is the same with regard to Fast Track now up for a vote in the house [under news blackout it seems as more and more chamber votes are perhaps taken].

Text your zip code to 235246 NOW to stop the sellout.

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