Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Temecula, CA – After having read the vile comments which accompanied stories about Mike
Brown, Freddie Gray, and the very latest Texas Pool Party, the question comes to mind, 'Is Monsanto simply taking out the trash in America?'
I ask this because not long ago while a Muslim friend was doing the 'stupid human tricks' that cops make you do, I asked his partner if he liked apples? Puzzled, the older cop said, 'Yes'. So I asked him if he knew about GMO Arctic Apples, the green ones that you now see in the stores and on Starbucks fruit trays, used because they don't turn brown, ever! The older cop's answer was, 'No'.
It would be easy to smile at the thought that most of the people who defend the status quo of injustice, of racism, of ignorance, of greed, are going to suffer the fate of people everywhere consuming American food, most of which is GMOd and chemically infused. Is there a day that goes by that someone doesn't get on your list of people you could do without? So what is the purpose of evil?
Some folks have advanced, 'if you don't know evil, then how would you know good?' That seems to suggest that you need to be punished in order to know what is right. I personally think that line of reasoning is bullshit, put out by people who try to justify evil. These people also overlook karma and fate. The fact of the matter is, we often can't tell evil. What we can see is when something is bad for us. Evil, like it says in the Bible, is always disguised, so needing evil around to discern good really isn't correct. Being told evil is necessary is an evil lie, or a blind spot to logical reasoning. 
God allows evil to exist and play an active part in human design so there has to be a reason for it, if you believe in God. How many of us have been told in one form or another, 'you do bad and God will get you'? In this context, evil is equated with 'just desserts'. But evil doesn't work that way. There is no way anyone can say what happened to the Jews [holocaust] or the Cherokee [Trail of Tears] was justified because they were all evil. In no book does it say that evil is what tips the scales of justice into balance. In fact, it is usually 'good' or the lessor evil that tips the scales back. 
World War II is a good example. While this was a war concerning trade [US expansion into Asia market] and old money, it has come out even in the conservative magazine the Military Press that Hitler didn't die as people are still taught in schools [in the bunker] but lived out his life in Argentina. Operation Paper Clip brought most of the evil German scientists over to America in style, so there you go. They might chase down a lowly clerk or sergent for trial on war crimes but a guy who used his smarts to watch and record the effects of posion gas, fluoridated water, or extermination experiments on thousands he co-authored gets a free pass, witness protection, and a steady good paying government job to keep advancing his research. The scientific ranks who accepted this are just as conniving.
Reading the comments people make about medical marijuana patients in general and the way politicians covet making money off people made sick by the diet of American food and vaccines, makes you wonder until you realize that most of the people who have those opinions are themselves eating GMO foods and loving it. Likewise it can be said for those who are intolerant of others, no matter the cause. I could be wrong but I just don't see Westboro's congregation as big 'label GMO' kind of people. The same could be said for the '19 Kids and Counting' Brady Bunch.
If you guessed that's me in the center, bingo
By contrast, the people I meet at the various protests demonstrations, be they police brutality, Wall Street, banks, Label GMOs, marijuana law reform, or medical marijuana expositions, are all tagged as a 'black market' element by the very people who shill the status quo and make religion their mask of ambition to exert influence over the minds of the ignorant. From what I have learned from being in these crowds, whether it be financial or food or pot, these folks are hip to the dip, being on the narrow road, not the wide aisle of your local Ralphs.
So as you look at that crowd at the Texas pool party, the cops, the whites, and the black teens, remember that most if not all of them regardless of affluence, skin color, or the naivety of youth, are probably drinking LeBron's hot new Dew flavor of HFCS, serving Kraft mac 'n' cheese, and using Roundup to touch up what the lawn help misses. None of them read this column but you, Dear Reader, being here know the score, or at least have heard the tune.
Text your zip code to 234246 and call your House Rep to say 'NO Fast Track'. It's easy and if they do sell out the country, you can know you did your part. If they don't, then you know you helped. Cheers to the two white kids who stood up and spoke out. Here's hoping they live in GMO aware households.

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