Thursday, June 4, 2015



Temecula, CA – As many Americans waited to see if Fast Track was voted on in DC after first being reported it was stopped [later story and all traces were scrubbed indicating a coup on the American people unless I was hallucinating], the NBA basketball finals played their first game in a season that pits the losing-est franchises in battle. The Golden State Warriors have one Championship and the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for their first moment in the sun ever.

The Warriors have the best record of any team this year and there is a high percentage of times teams with best records have have. However, Cleveland has been pursuing this dream ever since they first acquired LeBron James from high school. Through all the drama Cleveland is back in the big dance. So far as one analyst put it, 'It's the best team against the best man in the game. One again the question is asked, can a hero carry the whole team? Tonight the answer was 'No'.

Cleveland came out charging and despite some lead changes, maintained the point advantage during both first two quarter closes, leading by 3 at the half.

After the half the momentum slowly shifted to Golden State as the team effort, even with blown shots brought the Warriors into a tie at the end of regulation play. Coming back out in the overtime period, Cleveland went cold in hitting while GS was able to build up a lead of ten points, mostly on fouls shots made. Gloden State won the first game though James scored a career high point total, at home by a total of 108-100 at the end of the first overtime period.

No doubt James, who has had a bigger than life, on court and off court, will gear up for his next game at Oakland as will his teammates as they try to even the series on Sunday. The puzzle is a simple one. Without James, Cleveland is outmatched by the faster quicker Warriors. With James playing, Cleveland stands a chance but it requires more than James making the difference.

In this basketball final series, the drama in watching is how will Cleveland adjust to the age old problem of James being their only above average player [above average meaning a player who can make a difference in a game. If you're in the NBA, you are already above average as a basketball player]. The complete detailed game summery can be found here.

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