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Temecula, CA – Almost every night I go to sleep hoping the next day to find something salvageable to use as argument like Abram did to save Sodom and Gomorrah, only this time to try and divert judgment coming to America in case I meet God coming here to get his due. After all, being my advanced age, chances are I could see God or at least put in a word to St. Peter before the day of wrath arrives. It was that intention which motivated the suggested use of a misplaced racial label to end all racial labels used in this country in the original 'Sandy Brown' story.

Racial labels for black people in this country started with 'colored' which could apply to anyone non-white, but the NAACP or the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has never marched for the rights of yellow people, tan Latin people, bronze colored Italians or Greeks, or even red, read indigenous, people. Being founded by whites with blacks as fronts for the equal rights they sought, the organization peaked in the 50s - 70s as equal opportunity and desegregation became law if not the spirit of the land, through Affirmative Action. In these years, the organization chose to support black leaders who were counseling patience and the relatively slow operation of legal measures, saying it was necessary to make the United States a nation that was truly "indivisible, with freedom and justice for all".

While city officials, state agencies, white liberals, and sober-minded Negroes stood idly by, there were radical black voices alternative to the Civil Rights Movement. The voice who has lasted the longest through no early retirement or assassination was a firebrand named Louis Farrakhan who once indicted "the white man" for his crimes:
“I charge the white man with being the greatest liar on earth! I charge the white man with being the greatest drunkard on earth.... I charge the white man with being the greatest gambler on earth. I charge the white man, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, with being the greatest murderer on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest peace-breaker on earth.... I charge the white man with being the greatest robber on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest deceiver on earth. I charge the white man with being the greatest trouble-maker on earth. So therefore, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you, bring back a verdict of guilty as charged!” - The Hate That Hate Produced, 1959 by Mike Wallace and Louis Lomax, broadcast in five parts during the week of July 13–17, 1959, and was repeated several days later.
I have asked some of my friends [in bygone generations that lived not in California], where is 'Whiteland and Blackland'? Take the jump now and get nose deep in the bush cause there ain't no hoopla here.

Some of us can remember seeing Cecil B. deMille's The Ten Commandments,a tour-De-force which received critical acclaim and a number of Oscars. It is a great movie except for two things: the wussed-down debauchery shown while Moses was still on the mountain top, and of course the absence of any authentic ethnic groups in the majority of film footage. This is a Hollywood mandate that exists even today because a surprising number of people do not understand that museum art, movies, and television, reflect what is called "artistic license" (also known as dramatic license, historical license, poetic license, narrative license, licentia poetica, or simply license), it is a colloquial term, or euphemism, used to denote the distortion of fact. 

Most or perhaps all, of what the average person knows about history, is derived from this white media - of one kind or another. The problem is that the white media's function is to entertain white audiences, not to enlighten anyone. After all, it is made-up fantasy. So first of all, let us clarify what is REAL, and what is fantasy. 

Modern Man evolved in Equatorial Africa, though the temperature there is perfect for an unclothed man (min. temp. 69 F - max. temp. 79 F), it is also the place were the Sun's UV intensity is at it's maximum (11): An unclothed white person in that environment, would sunburn in less than 15 minutes, and die from sunburn or skin cancer in short order - Nature gave black skin to natural humans for a reason, it has a function! 

Beginning during the renaissance and even earlier, European artists took to depicting historical people, as they hoped or imagined them to look. And in doing so, they made everyone White, but that is not reality. In reality: as shown by REAL artifacts, ancient white Greeks, who originated in Central Asia by the classical period, were mostly a mixed-race people, owing to admixture with the original Black Europeans they encountered when they arrived in Europe (circa 1,200 B.C.).

Troy was an Anatolian City, REAL artifacts clearly show that Anatolians were Black people. Jesus was a Hebrew, REAL artifacts clearly show that Hebrews were Black people, same with Persians and Egyptians. But one special mention concerning the Egyptian image does not reflect "Artistic license" but rather reflects a simple attempt to lie! Because, in fact, it is the image of a real ruler of Egypt: a GREEK ruler of Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. Greek and Roman artifacts from their respective periods of occupation in Egypt, are routinely used, along with fake and re-worked artifacts of Egyptians and others too, by racial purists to portray them as REAL Egyptians, thus indicating that Egyptians, and other ancients, were White people. That is purposeful revisionist history - a lie!

Editor's note: while the aforementioned section contains some truth as to the reason for our present day racial attitudes, all modern theories center on the pivot point that Adam and Eve were of the same skin color. This is the error for Modern man, a truth that could be located somewhere within the Vatican's secret halls, but Sports Fans, we don't need no stinking badges.

In my Strong's the word 'flesh' does not include a color designation, translating instead to 'self, body, freshness, and human genitalia [pudenda]' kin, kind, nakedness, and skin (human rather than bird, reptile). The skin 'color' difference between Adam and Eve is deduced from the origin composition materials used in composing each prototype gender – Adam [ground, soil, black], Eve [bone, marrow, pink-white].

Later we find this curious statement of purpose for the building of the Babal Tower in Gen 11:4b 'let us make a name, lest we be scattered aboard upon the face of the whole earth'. The sons of Noah have also been credited with being the start of the black [Ham], the medium [Shem], and white [Japeth] from Noah who is reported to have been an albino [outside of the Bible books] and the source of some concern for Noah's dad who accused his wife of relations with a fallen angel as the cause of Noah's skin color [think Edgar Winter, blues musician].

Now let us move up through history to Sister 'Sandy Brown', aka as Rachel Dolezal. Could she have 'black' in her or is she just a pathetic liar using the race card to punch her ticket through life in the Great White North of America? Pathetic, maybe, but not the liar those who seek to 'nigger pile' her suggest. I give you the curious case of Randal Wuerzberger, a very real German descendant whose last name comes from both a village/town and a beer today in Germany.

Listed in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green with the disguised name of 'Winston', Randy been a 'brother' to me almost since we first crossed paths in Iowa. Early in the beginning of our lasting friendship, during the pissing contest stage, Randy decided to come over, lay out, and suntan in my new apartment complex, taking breaks to jump into the indoor pool to cool off. Of course I laid out with him. Looking as white as any beer-drinking German descendant, we started out with me being the darkest naturally, but by the end of our tanning session the roles had reversed.

Say, what kind of fake black are you anyway, that I can turn darker than you in a day?” he said taunting me. Though I laughed along with him on the outside, inside I was wondering the very same question, except it was 'what kind of white boy are you?' By the end of the summer season, the tanning question had been answered as I confronted him with a bit of news about his German history and the Moors who had been imported into the country purposely to bring in a fresh blood supply to the Germanic tribes.

At first surprised a little by this historical fact like myself upon discovering it, Randy researched it for himself and found it to be true. Different other interesting adventures about him and I can be found in Memoirs but it can't be denied that this feature of his ancestry was a part of the foundation for a friendship and brotherly love that continues up to the present day. The ability to tan reflects 'black blood' somewhere down the line whether people today understand that or not, regardless to history being 'whitened' for whatever reason.

When you read Matt 24:30b and 24:51b, part of the reason for this may be that this

has been represented as this.

And that is the 'How' to Jon Stewert's 'Whaaaaat?

However, to see and hear a 'black' woman speaking with straightened hair about racial integrity named 'Johnson', the publisher's [common] last name of Ebony Magazine, a weekly periodical whose main cover advertiser for decades was Madame C.J. Walker, is more hypocritical than the Klan being 'christian'. When you destroy the past you can use the future to your own advantage, as the latest group ISIS attempts to do. To hear the 'white' activist talk of building a just community on lies is equally distasteful, given the history of this country and the focus of this article. It is nice to see something that both God and the Devil can only chuckle at, see archives for Is God A Redneck? and The ABCs Of America Racism if still available.


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