Friday, July 24, 2015



Temecula, CA – Over ten years ago when I started writing at the Full Value Review, now the Temecula Calendar, a topic came into focus called CODEX. The report had been filed by some guy who seemed reputable in the explanation he gave. Today that report would form the basis of knowing about TPP. Two days ago, at the very end of Ant-Man, one of the very last film symbol logos, the one that resembled Google Chrome only mono-color, was named CODEX.

Does life imitate art, or is the basic theme of the world just repeated in the stories we get handed down as legend?

Right now, much like we saw in The Hobbit, The Battle of Five Armies, we have a gathering of five activists groups, armies if you will, coming together to fight against a mighty image, a powerful Smaug. This Smaug lives in Washington surrounded by sacred geometry in his Erebor. To have sway with this image of the empire, the 5 Armies must arouse the sleeping Citizen Spirit, for only this great spirit can stay this ancient force of darkness. But a flame has ignited.

Romanticized, this is the unified push back against SB 277 [Mandatory school children and adult related vaccinations], HB 1599 [The DARK Act], Fast Track/TPP, GMOs, and outsourcing jobs by those who seek to stop the spread of government domination through dissemination of information to a sleeping general public. Like with Occupy LA, I get a chance to cover this movement from the inside, so as once was said, 'You Are There.'

The list of players being galvanized into action includes the usual suspects, the Label GMO crowd with all its various grass roots affiliates, the organic people who would be virtually shut down being awash in USDA red tape and fees, the Hollywood connection [nuff said], the anti-vaccine people who are now aligned with the No GMO people after the news that vaccines contain GMO ingredients was leaked out earlier this month.

Joining this group now are the Unions, and we are talking the blue to white collar unions. Many of these people listen to Alex Jones. They may have day jobs but they have an underground mental set. This same mental mind set is a central theme expressed in Marvel's latest hippest hit, Ant-Man. Unions are big and finally they have come to see that this fight concerns more than 47%, it concerns 83%. 17% want to live off the remaining 83% and they have us couch-locked into believing that is OK cause they're the government.

This is a developing story...

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