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Temecula, CA – The hippest bet in Vegas now has to be which will stop first, the Rolling Stones tours or Stan Lee's cameos?

Once again Marvel/Disney has put out a popcorn thriller that leaves a smile on your face and a cheer in your heart. 

The 'professional' critics/reviewers are giving it mixed reviews but what credit can you give a critic when he says 'mental telepathy'. What year is this?

Anyway, without giving up any spoilers, here's my review of the coolest movie of the summer that is just plain fun and a movie that deals with a segment of the population that rarely gets explored beyond statistics.

Surprising you much like Guardians did in 2014, Ant-Man is funky where GoG was quirky so don't look for any talking plants or animals. Ant-Man's story takes place in the here and now but surprising isn't overdone on the politics. Instead, the movie focuses on plain folk who happen to be noble. Being noble today costs you, like the way Skinner rubbed his fingers in addressing school tax hikes debating Krabappel in Springfield's town meeting.

The original film director quit the picture just weeks before filming was to start and with everything set plus a 'show must go on' attitude, the star Paul Rudd and the new director stepped in to rework the original script. Some critics have offered that because of this, this story seems pieced together in styles. Maybe if I saw the movie a second time, I might find this too. But this movie works for two reasons; the fine character acting and the nature for the action, a man who can shrink to the size of an ants.

For the acting, all the characters are not over the top, just down-to-earth and not too grandiose in nature. No one is out to rule the world or stop world domination [besides that question has already been settled with the sellout of America, so this change of pace was sorely welcomed].

Veteran actor Michael Douglas puts in a splendid 'good doctor' turn that is solid and not overdone. He looks good for his age. Paul Rudd does a fine job of being the smart but slightly hapless hero who feels genuine when caught in a situation all too familiar to many nowadays. Michael Pena in his comedy relief seems to have come in with the cast's food truck in being a real person also on the bottom of life. In fact, even the villain is grounded for opting to sell out for money, a common theme so real today in government everywhere. The villain stays grounded even when he and Douglas finally have their one-on-one face time as to 'why?' The rest of the supporting actor portrayals are just as believable with basic, normal, not comic book, agendas and emotions.

Of course, all this is loosely based on a comic book so the action is larger than life, or smaller than life pictorially in this case. Once again Marvel, or in this case, the 'b' team, has really flushed out a rather thin back story as I recall and spun a feel good, just enough action, believable hit movie to enjoy this summer with your peeps, be they tiny or adult-sized. And remember, a true Marvel Cinematic Universe fan stays till the end of the credit roll, cause it's always worth it.

See, no spoilers. Told ya. 

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