Friday, July 10, 2015



Temecula, CA – Under the radar of the main stream news, on purpose, and six months away from any recognition by black people everywhere, is newly announced presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The independent Senator from Vermont and possibly the only non-millionaire in Congress has a voting record that backs his words and political focus.

Hillary Clinton is ahead on the polls based on name recognition and power access. Blacks recognize her as Bill's wife and many black women, and women in general, resonate with her being a mother, much the same way people were mesmerized by a 'black' man running for president. In our next report we take a view at the aftermath of that ill-fated ruse.

Though it hasn't broken through to the main stream yet, the fight against Bernie by Hillary is one being played by proxy, since any direct confrontation would show the grandmother up for what she is. In this report to keep our readers on top of things as usual, here are two short vids after the jump showing the character of the man from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, running for President, 2016.

Bernie Sanders on RT

Bernie Sanders on Alan Greenspan

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