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Temecula, CA – Recently up in Orange County, I attended a potluck dinner marking the end of the Monsanto 1000 Day War, and the beginning of another, perhaps final confrontation, against what's predicted versus what's right. This felt like The Alamo but the question is, if we lost at The Alamo, how did we get Texas? Perhaps the answer was at this Moms Across America wrap party with her guests.

This potluck 'wrap party' was for the three year effort to ban or label GMOs. At every battle against the bad guys, we lost. Not only did we lose, but the bad guys always won and then took it up a notch like this was Gotham. When the SC church massacre happened on a Wednesday night, in a sacred place, during a sacred ritual utilizing the emotion of hateful bloodletting, the villainy selling out the country left the everyday garden path variety of yellow journalism evil and crossed over. A State Senator had been killed and the TPP was then won by a single vote of a Federal Senator. Most who see everything outside of church as secular didn't connect it, but all felt the air sucked out of the room. Washington trembled like it was Halloween and caved. Only Alex Jones advanced the theory of something supernatural by design. Anonymous moved past to stay focused on the problem, not the trickery of the TPP.

Though the mood was light including a viewing of the Jeff Hays film 'Bought', the pallor for taking a rest after this last impasse and regroup, hung unsaid in the air. I had at first thought of not going up to the wrap party, and then had resisted the notion of taking my 'teacher's copy' of Memoirs along since I had no new copies to sell. Besides, this trip wasn't about me or my Mary Jane Green.

Now here I was standing and holding my slightly dog-eared copy up among a group of other writers and authors in attendance. In my mind, they are all real writers; me? I was there because I had some outside help, an adjustment team known as the Moirai. However, our total written output deals with the current and coming American crisis in one fashion or another. We represent the 'ifs', 'whys', and the 'what will be' politically.

The leprechaun-looking gentleman is Leslie Goldman, fresh from doing a cover story for July's The Life Connection Magazine, now advancing a heritage seed expo coming in September. Leslie talks about how to outgrow GMOs. He poses with his article.

The number two person would be yours truly, author of Memoirs, available on Amazon and CD baby as an audio book. Like me, the lighting helps the age of the book.

Author and HuffPost blogger Judy Frankel, In Search Of The Next P.O.T.U.S. is next. Her well researched latest article can be found here. If you don't know the fight, this post will bring you up to speed. Judy poses with her book.

Media analyst, college political science professor, and author Peter Matthews holds up his recently published work. As Brett Wilcox books one and two, Monsanto, Feeding The World Lie After Lie, exposed the evil of the giant mega company, aka S.P.E.C.T.E.R., so Dollar Democracy exposes the cancer that has become American government high and low, since ALEC now has local branches in your state. Peter poses with his book.

The last author who turned up for this surprise “Writers Assemble” is Susan Patterson, whose organic cookbook, 15 Minute Healthy, Organic Meals for Less Than $10 Dollars a Day, debuted in December, 2014. A mother whose husband caught cancer, Susan learned first hand the need for a non-GMO diet and organic food. As a mom in Zen's cast of moms, Susan was the bookend author to join the selected crew for pictures. Susan poses with her book.

The night moved to a final picture of everyone, pretty much, and I stood there, looking around and knowing how we all knew the truth about food. We all knew the truth about government corruption. We knew the truth about tobacco science, agency capture, and outright lies. I was gathered with people whom I had marched or demonstrated with and now stood with real writers of the group.

They were real writers because their books dealt in the facts and figures of now. Who got paid and who said or did what. I am a story-teller, not a writer. Printed facts are listed only one place in my Memoirs, and that is the annual list for deaths concerning alcohol based on official figures.

My book deals with yesterday and tomorrow, given Obama had the same dream as Nebuchadnezzar, see Chapter 20. I was standing with these other authors in the battle against Monsanto's takeover of the United States because we all see what today has brought.

Two of the authors would gather after this with the group of political fighters in the next round against the TPP, but that's another story for another time.

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