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Temecula, CA – No one is perfect, not even the Pope. We come into this life a blank slate and as we go through it, we make mistakes predicated on selfish desires and wrong opinions. However going through life, either maturity or religious beliefs are counted on to bring about a character arc of repentance with both luck and hindsight playing a role.

Stephen Collins started the Hollywood sex ball rolling by the admitting that he had inappropriate relations with several underage girls via his TV persona of squeaky clean character portrayals. At first Collins fought the charges by lashing out at his estranged wife but later he came clean, admitted his guilt, and arranged to apologize to two of the now grown women. The third refused any contact. It would be interesting to know how Collins views Cosby's predicament.

When you look at Bill Cosby today, you see the type of 'black man pride' that refuses to budge, much the same type of character as the man who shot Marvin Gaye dead, a preacher and his father. Cosby too, has tried to be a moralist, adept at telling others how to best live, telling young men how to be more 'white' because their lifestyle wasn't acceptable to folks that owned Coke, Jello, and Kodiak. He also scolded young mothers who followed fads for their kids rather than raise these unfortunates more Spartan-like.

Now we see the clown without his make-up, penis in one hand, pill bottle in the other. It's not a pretty sight but it is a sight to see.

My grandmother, one of my two magical ancestors used to say, “In the last days, all of Man's secrets will be revealed.”

She died way before the advent of the computer. She also saw a UFO in her day as a young girl [something that raised her level in my eyes as a child]. I have no way of knowing whether she would have been a Cosby defender or would have seen through his disguise as I did with my first stories. I have a feeling that she would have sided with the women, since she and her sister were both from her mother being a victim as a hotel maid, twice. To his credit, her Jewish traveling salesman father did come and look for Granny's mother once he found out she had conceived but it was too late. She, her mom, and her sister had left her small town.

Granny never became a victim and though she wasn't an angry black woman like Tyler Perry, she was a force to be reckoned with. Tales of her once chasing a white salesman off her front poach with a broom still resonated when I was a kid. Nobody fucked with Granny, and my grandfather loved her up to the day he died, something I never understood at that time. Given Cosby's wife and Cosby's life, it would seem that there was no woman like my grandmother in his family background, or one like Nikki Giovanni either.

And that's just too bad because all that The Cos worked for his whole life has now gone down like the Hindenburg [a tragic event witnessed by the world reference for anyone under 60, lol. Dude, I'm old so I sprinkle a little something for my older readers and a little something for my younger readers who might not know of such things today.]

So will the pudding man ever own up to pudding it where he shouldn't have? Sadly, I can see Bill and Camille sitting quietly in a car with the motor running in the garage before I could see him admitting to any guilt. To admit guilt takes a recognition of insight, an insight past the pride and the feeling of gutter respect for every woman you see. We may never know why Bill Cosby felt it was his prerogative to 'Spanish Fly' women into his 60s, way past the age of maturity, but if you want to understand why women 'wait' to report such things, read 'I Never Told Anyone' – Ellen Bass, Louise Thornton, pick up any history book about women [including The Bible], and understand why John and Yoko said 'Women are the niggers of the world.”

We all start out not knowing right from wrong, but somewhere along the line we are expected to discern the difference.

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