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Temecula, CA – Is it surprising that dark-skinned blacks are killed with no regard by some whites when the very United States House of Reps considers the people who elect them from the various states across the land regardless of skin color, little more than common curs? Consider the food issue.

Saying things like 'they would only be confused' as if the vaccines, fluoride, and GMOs already have autism-ed the entire population or giving the official corp tobacco science line, the arrogance of the US Legislators' contempt for the average person, regardless of race or a person's grasp of the situation, is astounding. The current group of Republican 2016 contenders offers no light in this darkness.

Conservative/liberal spin shot grouping puts front-runner Trump at end of line, of course.
Only Donald Trump is too gentlemanly to come and say how John McCain's revealing POW flight info to the enemy cost American Navy flyers' lives, turning an American war advantage into an American deathtrap, or that McCain was having an affair on his first moneyed wife while she lay dying in the hospital. And people like this are the ones running the country, cough Dennis Hastert.

Here's the latest on YOUR tax dollars at work to enslave, sicken, and kill you before you collect your Social Security, see Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. After the jump, two reports.

Has it occurred to you that your government does not think The People worthy to know even what is in their food?  (this is pretty much global, except for Russia whom has recently said they WILL NOT allow GMO anything into their country!  Interesting no, that they would be 180 degrees from the “intelligent” Western countries?)  Since, they’re working on making more “Rules for You”, your ears should be perking up!

“This issue is quite serious. Just this Tuesday the House and Monsanto scored a critical victory regarding the mandatory labeling of foods as GMO and the prevention of cities and counties from banning GMO crops.”

So, what does this above tell you?  While waiting for me to make my point, don’t roll over, sit up, beg, or anything like that because then you will know your place.

It tells us — THIS =>  Our government(s) thinks we are dumb as dogs.  Truly!

I don’t tell my dog what I’m feeding her, nor do I explain the ingredients to her.  She doesn’t care.  Her food comes from Somewhere, and it is I her Master who procures the food, and feeds it to her when I choose to do it.  I decide what vaccines she needs, and it will be I who decides when she needs to be “put down”.

We see this same Master/Slave/Pet “relationship” with Governments versus their populations.  The “relationship” is rapidly moving towards “Total Skewry” as sold out legislators pile legislation upon legislation stabbing civil liberty to death thousands of times over every day.

This same perspective becomes quite clear to — US the populations — when we see that the elites hide all that they do in secrecy, live like Kings & Queens, and care not a whit about what happens to The People.  This is in fact, a general rule of thumb for them world-wide, though they don’t like to get their hands dirty.  If you think it is going to change, just observe your dog or cat, canary, or whatever.  
When will it ever rise up, and put you in your place?  If it was thought to carry such a notion, would you, as Master, not de-claw it, file its teeth down, use a bigger chain, or shock collar to “teach it to behave”?  I hope you can see the parallels I’m pointing at here.

All of the mayhem and chaos that we are witnessing around us is due to Attitudes of one group to the others.  Pathology if you will.  Will your dog teach You lessons?  Would you submit to that?  So it is, with the Paths versus the goyim.  Ain’t gonna change, unless a “Planet of the Apes” rearrange occurs.

So quit beating yourself up, wondering why the elites treat everybody but their own tribe like animals.  This is how they see it, and why they act without conscience in maiming, killing, culling, profiting, and all other activities done to regular ole working-class people.  Nothing personal I’m sure.

Don’t get to read or understand the TTP?  Why should they tell YOU about anything They’re doing?  You wouldn’t understand it anyways.  How do they know that?  Consider historically ALL They’ve done to US, and we haven’t rebelled or even complained enough to make them the slight bit uncomfortable.

9/11?  Shut up!  Just keep reading their “My Pet Goat” script.

MSM Snews?  Eat it — because we tell you to; and like it!

Elections?  Theater for dogs.

Fiat Federal Reserve “Money”?  The People are forced to use this counterfeit money because it subtly and continuously steals from them as a debt interest, makes the elites rich, and provides the ultimate in CONTROL.

Obama’s past, his birth certificate, etc.?  Not for you to know, like Mitt's taxes.

System of Government — Yeah, it is.  To keep the animals caged instead of enraged.  More fluoride and aluminum for you!

Wars — They make em, We die in em.  And so do a lot of other innocent dogs in the foreign countries chosen.  So what?!  They’re all dogs.  Why do you think there exists the “Chain-of-Command” dogs?  To ingrain “taking orders” and acting without thought.  Pavlovian mutts!  Works like a charm.

Police State Brutality?  Shut up already!

TSA X-raying, caging, groping of your wife, child, grandmother, or your own precious jewels?  Shut up!  Its for your “protection”.

The air that you and your loved ones breathe?  You are told that Chemtrails don’t exist.  They are flat out denied, though they happen right over our heads in full view.  WE absolutely know what chemtrails are now, and what they are used for. So, get that “lying is policy” here.  See:

Fluoridation in your water?  This long running personal polluting agent Must Be working on Americans because they don’t even raise it as an issue for the most part.  Its not on their radar, because their survival instincts must have been chemically and socially erased.  Do note this gem of factual evidence — “Only 369 million of the world’s 7 billion people drink water that is purposefully fluoridated, yet the US ranks among the top countries that still fluoridates its water  Do your “leaders” care?
Obviously not about YOU and YOUR loved ones!

I could go on.

But, you can clearly see now, EXACTLY WHY things are the way they are.  Even though, you’re not supposed to understand this concept.

Decide if you’re O.K. with this, and shut up, or start spreading the word about our pet status in the elite’s eyes, act accordingly, and ask yourself, how much longer?' - COTO

For those who like the dumbed down milk-bone version, here's the same point for the Huff Post.

Do you want to know whether your food has genetically modified organisms in it? The House of Representatives voted to make that harder on Thursday by banning states from passing their own laws requiring GMO labels.

Instead, the House passed a bill called the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act that would set up a voluntary program for companies that want to disclose genetically modified ingredients. Firms that want to claim their food is GMO-free would have to submit to a certification process overseen by the Department of Agriculture thereby stalling healthy and safe food in the marketplace.

Google Map Georgia Guildestones, if you don't know

The measure would ban states such as Vermont, Maine and Connecticut, which have passed GMO-labeling laws, from putting their laws into practice. It would also allow the Food and Drug Administration to define the label “natural” to include genetically engineered material.
Supporters of the bill said it was a matter of keep the rules simple across the country and not unnecessarily frightening consumers.

“The fact is, the scientific consensus on the safety of genetically engineered products is utterly overwhelming. Precisely zero pieces of credible evidence have been presented that foods produced with biotechnology pose any risk to our health and safety,” said Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), the bill’s sponsor.

“Given this fact, it is not the place of government, government at any level, to arbitrarily step in and mandate that one plant product should be labeled based solely on how it was bred, while another identical product is free of government warning labels because the producer chose a different breeding technology,” he said.

List before Mike Pompeo exposed his intent

Pompeo added that efforts to label products' GMO content were a “naked attempt to impose the preferences of a small segment of the populace on the rest of us and make the constituents that I serve in Kansas pay more for their food.”

A substantial portion of House Democrats agreed with Pompeo, and the measure passed 275 to 150.
But Democratic opponents pointed to surveys, including a recent poll by the Mellman Group, that found 90 percent of the country does want to know what's in the food.

“What this legislation is suggesting is that regardless of what consumers want, they won’t be told,” said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). “This is not about a small group of activists. This is states like Vermont, like Maine and like Connecticut, with massive bipartisan votes, Republicans and Democrats, saying that they wanted to have the right to have these products labeled.”

“We strip from the states the right to do what they believe is in the interests of their citizens and don’t substitute any serious label that would apply across the board,” Welch added.

"This legislation, which should be called the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act, or the DARK Act, represents a major threat to consumer information," said Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.). "States should have the right to determine their own local laws relating to GMO labeling, and the federal government shouldn’t interfere."

“Americans have a right to know what is in their food and how it is grown,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.). “Instead of undermining this progress, Congress should require mandatory GMO labeling at the federal level.”

A counter measure offered by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), which would require GMO labels similar to those in 64 other countries, failed 123 to 303. 60% percent corruption ratio approximately.

The bill that passed also requires companies that create new GMO foods to submit all their research showing the product is safe to the FDA for review.

DeFazio and others were especially perplexed by the suggestion that the FDA should define "natural" to include genetically engineered plants.

"I'm not quite sure when the last time was when a flounder mated with a tomato plant, but we now have tomatoes that have injected into them flounder genes," DeFazio said.

While the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act passed the House, an equivalent measure has yet to be produced in the Senate.

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