Wednesday, July 22, 2015



Temecula, CA – In almost as many days, a second rally even bigger than the one in Texas against Jade Helm and the Alamo takeover, occurred today in picture perfect weather down in San Diego, this time against the treason act of the TPP sellout. Though you may not hear about it, thousands turned out in person and in big rigs to protest the intended vote taking place in December.

Like Occupy LA, it's nice to see so many people aware who have never read the Calendar. In this conservative valley, just a few people are aware or even care about GMOs. And you can tell this fact if you sit outside a Vons or Albertsons or Food 4 Less here in this magic valley. I know because I used to be one of them before being 'radicalized' by my OLA friend and fellow protestor, John Diaz. This story scoop comes via the big guy who recently underwent a hernia operation. What a trooper!

Labor, and big labor, like the 1M plus Nurses Union and the 40K skyscraper maintenance union joins hundreds of small labor to draw attention, gather forces, educate, and formulate the plan to stop Obama from signing or the Congress from ratifying the TPP on threat of unelection of the corrupt sellouts at the least, and thwarting the passage by extreme voter pressure from American citizens. Making the public aware is top priority. After the jump, the story on the ground from our guest Jimmy Olsen, John Diaz and his traveling sidekick, Anthony.

The Nurses Union was there.

The protest went past Seaport Village.

Tons of unions were represented, as seen in the different colors of tee shirts.

They marched downtown and stretched for miles.

They came by big rig from Los Angeles, a'honking them horns!

And here we see the young, Anthony, 20, and John Diaz, old enough to get a hernia, spreading the word.

 And a last promise from our favorite moms, like Zen, Kathleen, Tracy, and Terre.

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