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Temecula, CA – I have to wonder, is this the last days of Pompeii? Am I covering the story of a lifetime, the end of America's lifetime? Like every great story, even one in the making, you have your cast of characters, who we like to say are 'The Usual Suspects' and this story is no different.

Every great upheaval begins the same, usually with a small group of people meeting in some fairly remote place that is over-sized. A Saturday meeting to make a plan to stop the ratification of the TPP from becoming law, resulting in the wholesale forfeiture of America as a sovereign nation, began in earnest at various cities across the nation. From being involved politically during the days of Nixon, the faces may be different but the players are the same. So rather than reveal names and details, the Calendar gives you the down low, not the tippy-toe. Here's the rundown.

The Breakfast Lady, or Gent. This is the person who knows a guy. They actually know the guy or girl in public office because they said 'hello' to them when that person first hit the election trail. The Breakfast Lady is the Peoples' Lobbyist, taking the seat member out to brunch on a personal level so as not to 'cold call' on a rep. Our Breakfast Lady was charming and seemed straight off the set of Dallas, well, north Dallas. Down home charm like a truck stop waitress.

The Mouthpiece. This is the person who will become the spokesperson of the group for on-camera statements. Our 'mouthpiece' is a political science college professor, handsome and manly, with a radio host demeanor, a horde of volunteer student help, and a book out about the politics of the hour.

The Press. That of course would be me, a contact to the world beyond the grassroots demo. Activist, author, and cultural minister, aka the free radical. The Press is also the historian. I have known about CODEX from being on the internet over ten years ago covering politics. This plan for complete globalization through America has been advancing since 1913.

The Grandmother, and like the scientist in the Sci-fy films, only aware of one of the core issues, now thrust into a bigger picture, meeting new friends against the same enemy. Gentile and motherly, this woman seems like a Disney version Mother Nature before being fooled by GMO margarine.

The Spark Plug. That would be my ride to the party and fellow OLA-mate, John, seen in many of my past Monsanto March/Label GMOs/Prop 37 story pics. We may not see eye-to-eye but we are both always looking. Learning about Monsanto and GMOs led to the cross cause of the TPP and Fast Track over a year ago.

Ralph and Ed, for Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton of The Honeymooners, represent the two union guys. Our union guys were from local 1167. There was also the mystery guy, a person who didn't say much and came after the introductions. Our mystery guy wore a red shirt and walked to the meeting.

And last but not least by any measure, is The Field General or area coalition leader. If this person is someone you don't like or have respect for, then they become the 'fearless leader' after the Boris Badenov reference in Bullwinkle. This leader did have the respect and led the meeting with poise and experience gained from past political reform events, including Occupy San Diego. So what does an area coalition leader do?

Well for one, they manage this coalition of various groups that form under the single regional banner for political battle. Now that the TPP iceberg is here a number of grassroots organizations covering various and sundry social injustices see the root evil is the same for all the causes. The veil has been lifted now for all to see. Our area coalition leader, ACL, laid out the meeting which kept to the time allotted and covered a lot of ground.

The first bit of business was going over the last two-three years battle recently lost by one vote in the Senate, the Fast Track. Losing that big battle took a toll on us all. We expected a fight but to lose by a vote is like losing the big game by a point. Exercising that angst, the topic turned to expanding the TPP topic into an election hot button buzz. The ways to do this were brainstormed.

Ways to stop the forward approach were discussed including filing an injunction to stop the Federal process, in it being unconstitutional, but one thing was clear to all present. We may all be strange bedfellows, as tends to happen in politics, but knowing what we know about the TPP, it's more akin to the Alamo.

Still today we have the internet and social media. The question is will it be enough against the government's smoke and mirrors given the lame-stream media blackout?

The ACL now moves on to meetings in LA and that areas' unions, activists, artists, foodies, and organic mersh people for more input. A more concrete plan is sought by September.

On the public front, the TPP document will be visible online two months for public scrutiny during a 90 day window allowing Congress to review for ratifying it in an up and down vote at the end of that period. It's not a done deal but it could be. This would be a tense moment in a movie, if this were a movie.

What is truly awe-inspiring is that the TPP doesn't just concern America, it hands over 40% of the world, Americans are just the icing. As an old friend used to say, it's always darkest just before everything goes completely black.

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