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Temecula, CA – Today we may be celebrating our next-to-last Great American Holiday. On the surface things look great, almost too great. The stock market is booming. The NASDAQ is high and so am I, as the saying goes in the escalating cannabis market which is growing like a weed.

So as we celebrate our now limited freedom and puff tuff, those of us who partake in the magical indulgence of gathering two or more in the name of Mary Jane Green, see Memoirs of Mr. Pete & …

And magic is what you need nowadays, even if it is just to make sense of things. Knowing how magic works adds logic to things that otherwise would make no sense, whether they be good or evil. Proposed in Memoirs is the theme that says you can't begin to understand how cannabis works [to relieve so many ailments] unless you know magic or esoteric principles. This is good magic.

The same is true for events like the recent South Carolina church massacre. If you believe Alex Jones and some of his theories about who or what runs the world, then you know though most people think the event was racial, it was only painted with a racial brush to mask the true intent and purpose. If you believe what they say about the Bohemian Grove, then that Wednesday night massacre was really a Wednesday night sacrifice; a blood sacrifice carried out for that same worshiped grove entity. That was bad magic.

Before we move on to shed some light on good magic, which is complicated, let us look at bad magic, which is less so. For evil to work some energy must be released in a directed fashion so the entity receiver is satisfied. Of course you can sell your own soul but that is too short-sighted since everything begins and ends with you. It is better to join a movement already in progress; that way, you can pass something along to your family and feel good about doing what ever it is you are a part of. This happened to the Jews who danced around the golden calf [sans the Levitt].

The Bible tells us that 'the power [or life] is in the blood' of the sacrifice. Though mass shootings have been around for a while, churches/religious places, and schools/colleges, carry the most shook value given the innocence, but it is the former which matches all the requirements of a legitimate sacrifice.

Hopefully the people of the United States won't simply hand over their small arms unless you trust the police to do the right thing, cough Freddie Gray.

On the medical marijuana front, two treats have materialized. The first is illustrated by this story about Oregon's first day of legal regulated weed, the know-nothing politicians who currently have power over people as if a new royalty controlling every aspect of freedom for the sake of money.

On July 2nd State Senator Ginny Burdick (D-Portland) received a new bong on the first day recreational marijuana was legal in Oregon.

State Senator Ginny Burdick, left

The Oregonian reported that Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) gave Burdick the navy and gold bong as a thank-you for her work implementing Measure 91 as co-chair of the Legislature's committee.

The bong was handcrafted by glass artist Woody Nelson and the $400 price tag was paid for by donations from every member of the Senate, The Oregonian said.

The words "State of Oregon" can be seen on the base.

Burdick said she would use it only as a vase.

The second treat to MMJ patients is that of the 'do-gooder', found in this story, also from Oregon.

'Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli could have been the worst nightmare of every marijuana advocate in the Oregon Legislature this year.
Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli, far left

The conservative Republican from John Day comes from an eastern Oregon district that voted resoundingly against legalizing the drug. And in his GOP leadership role, he has no reason to make the Democrats who dominate the Legislature look good.

But Ferrioli wound up pushing the Legislature's marijuana committee to start retail sales far earlier than expected, and he played a key role in shaping the Legislature's unique approach to regulating the upcoming legal cannabis market.

As possession of marijuana becomes legal for Oregon adults, the Legislature is finishing work on a series of bills that — almost as much as Measure 91 — will determine how and where the drug is bought, sold and consumed in Oregon.

"I wasn't at all conflicted about my role in trying to facilitate the end of prohibition," said Ferrioli, arguing that he was interested in "ending the black market, combating gangsterism" and getting marijuana offenders out of jail.

As it happens, Ferrioli's family history played a big role in shaping his views on the drive to make pot legal. The son of a liquor salesman and the grandson of a bootlegger, he grew up learning about the ills of America's failed attempt to prohibit alcohol in the 1920s.'

Let's set the record straight. America's prohibition did work. The hidden agenda of stopping all research into alcohol use as an alternative energy source against the toxic fuel gasoline worked fine and dandy, like patriotism and cotton candy.

So the question is, why would you allow someone unqualified to dictate your medicine simply because they are elected or worse, assigned an office based solely on who they know or who knows them? Does being elected qualify one as a physician? Are you really going to let people like this,

determine a situation like this?

On the side of good magic, Divine Intervention is the Mother of Cannabis.

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