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Temecula, CA – Shopping for the freshest news if I don't have a subject for the day rarely leads me back to the same source twice, especially back to back, but the Huffington Post has done it with back to back eye-opening citizen journalism type front page stories. In these heavy news days it's more than 'breaking news', it's also about stating news because the mainstream outlets spew propaganda like it's 1984 or Metropolis.

You would expect news about Katrina and it's devastation to be reflected on its anniversary but in light of the recent 'open season' which really commenced in Ferguson, MO, and the vitriol expressed in comments concerning recent shootings around the nation, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the front page of the HuffPost today. There it was, a story that contained truth, not teleprompter content.

America is racist, but racism is everywhere, like sexism. Both of these are emotions and only a step up from involuntary functions like yawning. 'It was God' claimed the Klansman's wife who appeared on Oprah's show twice before returning to explain her heart had been changed during a flight home after her second appearance.

After the jump please follow the link to read some real truth expressed by the people who report the whole story, kinda like here at the Calendar. And that truth starts with this comment:

Before the televised benefit, a contrast of moods

“And as soon as Katrina struck, people in power started seeing dollar signs. Take back the land that was "wasted" on public housing projects, give reconstruction jobs to the people funding your campaigns, all the usual piggy greed, nepotism and opportunism you usually see.”

To whet your appetite, here is the famous or infamous video that spoke the truth about how it was and how it is. And don't miss this journalist's personal view in The Roots and Reason For Memoirs, coming soon here.

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